While you may be excited to see Republicans and conservatives being sworn into office in Arizona and across the country, here is a sobering look at a few issues that lurk and would be horrifically damaging to this country.  This warning is a must read for all conservatives and should require our attention and vigilance.


Five Things We Should Worry about in 2011.


This is one of the most meaningful things I have read during the last year.  I encourage anyone who considers themselves a conservative or a libertarian to read it.  Too many who claim to be conservative have comfortably supported things like the Patriot Act or don’t believe that burning flags is Constitutionally protected free speech.  This piece suggests that it is most important that true Constitutionalists stand up and defend the most offensive examples of behavior that is Constitutional.  And the author restates the Ben Franklin quote that those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.


The terrorists desire to destroy our American way of life and our freedoms.  And so-called “conservatives” too often destroy those freedoms themselves in response to terror (Patriot Act, TSA, etc…)

I encourage you to read it and share it.  Happy New Year!


The Hijacking of Conservatism by Big Government Progressives.

December 11, 2010

Kudos to Wisconsin and Ohio Governors-elect Scott Walker and John Kasich.  And kudos to voters of Wisconsin and Ohio for rejecting the boondoggle of high speed rail and rejecting federal taxpayer funding for projects that would have obligated the state to pay costs years into the future.  Kudos to Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) and others who led effort to instead have the rejected funds be applied toward federal deficit reduction.  No kudos to the Obama administration which just gave the money away to California and Illinois to waste on new rail programs they can’t afford.  Read about it below.


Railing Against Big Government | The Weekly Standard.

The rape charges against controversial WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange have been reinstated in Sweden and the mega-leaker has been arrested in London in order to be sent to Sweden to face the charges. This is an amazing and unbelievable story.  First, that someone could access the information Assange has accessed and publicize it the way he has.  Obviously, if he’s guilty of rape or other charges, he should face the consequences.  But, there are certainly many motives to have him be falsely accused.  This is a high-stakes thriller playing out in real life with real lives potentially in the balance.

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Arrested in London.

Paul Ryan believes that Americans are mature enough to honestly confront our challenges and the necessary steps to meet them.  His approach flies directly in the face of those who have, for generations, used the same old, tired political tactics to preserve the status quo.


In the past, if you wanted to honestly and seriously confront the systemic problems with funding Medicare or Social Security, you were accused of throwing Grandma on the street.  Paul Ryan is facing the monster and dealing with it like an adult.  He needs all Americans to support his efforts and send a message to the fearmongers fighting for the status quo, that we deserve better.

The Future of Health Care: Paul Ryan and the Critics of His Roadmap | The Heritage Foundation.

Fingers Malloy is a fabulous broadcaster on From the Right Radio and a great blogger.  I’d encourage you to check him out in both places. This is the answer key to his most recent blog quiz which provides a series of quotations and readers are to guess whether Sarah Palin, Barack Obama or Dan Quayle made the statements.  It’s very enlightening.


Answer Key! Who Said It–Barack Obama, Dan Quayle Or Sarah Palin?.

According to poll, voters have mixed feelings about GOP plans to investigate and hold hearings about the Obama administration.  This will be one of the most important roles of House leadership. Investigations will not, in the end, forward the Republican or conservative cause.

Instead, the new Congress should focus on policy differences with the Obama administration and work to change policy.  There will be Committee Chairmen climbing all over one another to get more press investigating Obama.  John Boehner, likely the new Speaker, should shut those Chairmen down.

There are a myriad of Obama initiatives that can (and should) be challenged in the Courts.  It starts with the state challenges to Health Care Reform but doesn’t end there.  It should continue with Arizona’s fighting in favor of our immigration law.  It should do with efforts to fight voter fraud and intimidation.

Beyond those legal challenges which are critically important and may not be resolved for years, it is most important now to lay out clear differences on policy between the new Congress and the Obama administration and the old Congress.  Where limited gains can be accomplished cooperatively, they should be.  But where differences do not lend themselves to compromise, the goal of House Republicans and new “Tea Party-inspired” members should be to demonstrate those differences and articulate them clearly in positive fashion in ways the voters can understand.  They should think of language used by folks like Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp and now Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake – not of divisive, mean-spirited, personal attacks.

Here is the polling data and analyis from Rasmussen.

Voters Have Mixed Feelings About GOP Plans to Investigate Obama.

I just was forwarded an email from a great Arizona leader, Russell Pearce.

I really respect and appreciate Russell, but I’m afraid to watch the video because Russell’s subject line said:

You must watch this video: THIS IS GREAT !!!— Arouse your friends and neighbors…

Enter at your own risk!  LOL.


And don’t forget to vote!!!  We can take our country back.

Russ Feingold’s campaign ads were famous and precedent setting years ago.  He won a Democrat primary against two much better funded, more well-known candidates because of these ads.  The ads were emulated across the country and liberals, such as Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and others used similar ads to get elected.

Well, Senator Feingold has violated one of his famous promises to Wisconsin residents and voters.  Sort of a sad, dying gasp from someone who although liberal did keep his other promises as best I can determine from friends in Wisconsin.

Feingold Breaks Garage Door Promise – By Andrew Stiles – Battle ’10 – National Review Online.