While you may be excited to see Republicans and conservatives being sworn into office in Arizona and across the country, here is a sobering look at a few issues that lurk and would be horrifically damaging to this country.  This warning is a must read for all conservatives and should require our attention and vigilance.


Five Things We Should Worry about in 2011.


This is one of the most meaningful things I have read during the last year.  I encourage anyone who considers themselves a conservative or a libertarian to read it.  Too many who claim to be conservative have comfortably supported things like the Patriot Act or don’t believe that burning flags is Constitutionally protected free speech.  This piece suggests that it is most important that true Constitutionalists stand up and defend the most offensive examples of behavior that is Constitutional.  And the author restates the Ben Franklin quote that those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.


The terrorists desire to destroy our American way of life and our freedoms.  And so-called “conservatives” too often destroy those freedoms themselves in response to terror (Patriot Act, TSA, etc…)

I encourage you to read it and share it.  Happy New Year!


The Hijacking of Conservatism by Big Government Progressives.