What Democratic Recovery?

October 6, 2010

Democrats and the left have been trying to stem the conservative, anti-establishment and anti-Democrat tide sweeping the nation by suggesting that things were tightening and not looking as bad as previously believed.  It was a deliberate and widespread strategy designed to stop the bleeding.  In reality, the prospects for Republicans haven’t looked this good in decades.  The anti-establishment mood is much stronger than the same period in 1994 when Republicans swept into control of Congress.  I will say that there will be interesting debates on the right and among Republicans if Christine O’Donnell loses her race, as expected, and Republicans fail to win a majority by one seat.

Personally, I’d have mixed feelings.  I’d prefer to see Democrats out of the majority.  But a 51-49 split (either way) would make it very difficult for that body to pass anything significant.  And it’s important to send a message to liberal Republicans (even in liberal Districts) that while you must represent your district, you best not completely disrespect the ideals that are the foundation of the Party.  It will be interesting.

Here’s a piece from the Atlantic questioning the Democrats’ claims:



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