Arizona District 3 Candidates Have Tax Issues

August 23, 2010

As voters head to the polls in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, the candidates are flooding radio, cable TV, telephones and mailboxes with slick ads and propaganda. There is some relevant information on a few of the candidates won’t be advertising in their brochures.  As we’ll outline below, Jim Waring, Sam Crump, Paulina Morris and LeAnn Hull have some history with tax increases that should give all conservative voters pause.

Arizona Right to Win has covered some of the candidates extensively.  We’ve reported most on the three-ring circus and good old boy network mudslinging display to which Ben Quayle, Steve Moak and Vernon Parker have been subjecting voters.  Now, it’s important to look at some of the other candidates on taxes and what you find about at least four of them is not very appealing.  Senator Jim Waring, Representative Sam Crump, Paulina Morris and LeAnn Hull all have recent experiences where they have supported tax increases.  Of course, all are running as “conservatives.”

Waring is the only candidate in the race endorsed by John McCain for whom Waring worked as a lobbyist on state issues.  Waring is the McCain candidate in the race and has a moderate record in the Legislature.  Most troubling about Waring’s moderate record are his votes with a handful of other Republicans in support of the Janet Napolitano budgets.  Equally disturbing is Waring’s support for the tax increase used to build the boondoggle of light rail in Phoenix.  Hardly a conservative foundation.

If you’ve followed Sam Crump’s career at all, you’d know that he moved to Arizona from California after serving as a city council member and Mayor in a small town.  Prior to moving to Arizona and entering politics here, he lost a race for the General Assembly in California.  Most disturbing about Crump’s work in California is that he didn’t merely vote for a tax increase, he actually was the leader of a coalition that was put together, raised money and supported a tax increase.  On his Facebook account, Crump tried to explain away his support by sharing all the other fine folks who supported the tax increase.  I’m sorry, but a lot of “fine folks” supported the Arizona tax increase.  We don’t need a leader who will go along with a tax increase when their friends all agree it’s a good deal.  We need a leader who will say “Hell no!” when his friends come looking for someone to support a tax increase.

Crump has also taken the bold step of printing “JD Hayworth” and “Tea Party Candidate” on his large signs that we see as we drive throughout the district.  The only problem with that is that there are no tea parties who support Sam Crump. Additionally, JD Hayworth certainly has not come out in support of Crump’s candidacy. Granted, Crump’s misrepresentation about the tea party is not as offensive as Vernon Parker lying about it on FOX News (and despite admitting his lie refusing to remove the video from his YouTube account).

Also troubling about Crump is that he started to run for this Congressional seat the first time Congressman John Shadegg indicated he was going to retire (only to later change his mind).  After backing out, Crump started a campaign to run for Attorney General. Then when others expressed interest in running for his state legislative seat he dropped out of the Attorney General’s race to run for reelection to the State House only to change those plans and enter the race for Congress again.  When you consider all that on top of the fact that Crump moved to Arizona to get involved in politics here after hitting the wall in his native California, you realize that Sam Crump is the embodiment of someone who wants to BE something, rather than someone who wants to DO something.

Paulina Morris claims to be a “Goldwater conservative” but bragged at candidate forum after forum about her support for sending the $3 billion tax increase to the ballot and efforts to see the tax increase passed.  Morris is strongly pro-abortion, pro-tax increase and pro-government spending.  It’s why the public employee unions have lined up behind her campaign.  Despite a compelling personal story (which unlike Vernon Parker’s is actually probably true), Paulina Morris is absolutely not an option for conservative voters.

LeAnn Hull is a nice lady, but she’s not ready for Congress.  At the candidate forums Hull was offended that Paulina Morris claimed to be the only candidate who supported the Governor’s $3 billion tax increase.  Hull regularly interrupted to point out that she also supported the tax increase going to the ballot and lobbied the voters to pass the tax increase.  It was a surreal experience to be in a conservative Republican District, in a Republican primary forum and have LeAnn Hull and Paulina Morris argue about who did more to support the $3 billion tax increase on Arizona families in the middle of a recession.  Meanwhile Sam Crump and Jim Waring kept their heads down and hoped no one would discover and point out their histories of supporting tax increases.

If taxes are an issue that are important to you as a conservative (let’s be real if they aren’t an issue important to you, you’re not a conservative), you should best avoid the options of Waring, Crump, Morris or Hull.


3 Responses to “Arizona District 3 Candidates Have Tax Issues”

  1. Jenny said

    This is not mentioning Steve Moak’s unethical decision to set up a not for profit so that he could actually enhance his own lifestyle. This guy has no right to be in politics at all!

  2. Maltorus said

    On the Crump tax increase, apparently, it was for a legitimate government purpose: building a road. The tax increase was also opposed by the Sierra Club. Are you saying the Sierra Club was right for once? Or that the state shouldn’t be building infrastructure?

    You’re dead on about Waring, Morris and Hull, but let’s talk about Gorman for a minute. She has supported liberal candidates before and that is wholly unforgivable. Gorman supported Tony Bouie when he ran against Crump & Seel for the LD 6 House. She has also supported Peggy Neely. Sorry, but conservatives just don’t vote for or support moderates.

    In essence, ALL the candidates have warts. Voters just have to choose the LEAST WARTY candidate. AFAIC, Crump is the least warty candidate and that’s why I voted for him.

    • azgadsden said

      Sam Crump supported a tax increase. The Sierra Club opposed it because it was for an expanded road. That’s what the Sierra Club does. Sam Crump supported Clancy Jayne, liberal tax hiker, deal-maker, bad budget supporter. You made your decision and that’s fair enough. I think Sam is preferable to many of the candidates. I don’t consider him in Gorman’s league as a conservative leader, but that’s my opinion. You certainly are entitled to yours (and as I indicated, it’s better than the others). I do think Sam’s role today could be that of a spoiler – keeping out a good conservative by dividing the base (without a chance of winning) and allowing one of the lesser candidates (about which we can all agree) somehow squeak by. I guess we’ll see. Have a nice day and good luck to your candidate.

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