Sunday BREAKING NEWS: Vernon Parker Still Lying

August 22, 2010

Good morning and happy Sunday to you all.  Though you won’t see this on your local news programs or read about it in your Sunday paper, you should be updated on a story that this little blog has been covering better than all of the mainstream media combined.  We don’t celebrate that at Arizona Right to Win.  We’d hope that the mainstream media would join us and consider it newsworthy when a candidate for Congress in the United States of America is deliberately lying to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Arizona voters on a daily basis.

It has been confirmed that Vernon Parker’s autodialer which makes the knowingly false claim that Vernon Parker is “the only candidate in the race who opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants” is continuing.  Vernon Parker has built his career and reputation on special interest, affirmative action handouts.  He allegedly has attempted to defraud American taxpayers of $1.25 million by allegedly falsifying records related to his affirmative action application that allowed him preferential treatment to secure the funds.  In response to being caught, Vernon Parker has sued the taxpayers for an additional $2 million for the pain and suffering of being investigated by the feds for alleged falsification of records.  And, of course, Vernon Parker admittedly told a lie on FOX News when he claimed “I have been endorsed by Arizona’s largest Tea Party” when in fact he hadn’t been (and still hasn’t been) endorsed by ANY Tea Party.  He’s still promoting that lie on YouTube despite admitting it was a lie to a REAL Tea Party group when they raised objections.

Now, back to the autodialer.  Vernon Parker knows he is lying about maybe 8 of his 9 opponents by including the lie that he is the “only candidate in the race who opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.”  He actually apologized to some of his opponents for it before the last candidate forum.  Vernon Parker knows he’s lying.  But Vernon Parker has determined that if he has a chance of winning he must lie to as many voters as possible, as quickly as possible faster than he is found out for his lies.

We don’t need that kind of unethical, dishonest politician in Congress.  Ironically, that is what Tea Parties are trying to protect us from.  Please consider sharing this information with anyone and everyone in Arizona — and the media — so that voters can be informed of the truth and make an informed decision on Tuesday.

Now, back to your originally scheduled Sunday programming …


One Response to “Sunday BREAKING NEWS: Vernon Parker Still Lying”

  1. Mikisandi said

    Awesome news blog !! I love it so much !! keep updating!! Lot of things to learn here.Gud Luck!!

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