Vernon Parker Strategy is to Lie to as Many Voters as Possible

August 19, 2010

We have written frequently here about candidate Vernon Parker’s many shortcomings. Parker is running for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District and based upon the clear facts we do know is by far the most despicable candidate in the race.

We could lay out a lengthy treatise about how Vernon Parker has used affirmative action programs to line his pockets with enough taxpayer cash to build a house in Paradise Valley.  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker forced his aged and retired Grandmother to go to work and support him when he was an adult with a college degree.  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker was apparently caught with his hand in the cookie jar allegedly attempting to defraud the taxpayers to the tune of $1.25 million but we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker is trying to cover up his alleged fraud by filing a meaningless and superfluous lawsuit to obscure both his alleged fraud and his reliance upon affirmative action programs to enrich himself (while claiming to oppose affirmative action).  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker’s latest lawsuit attempts to swindle another $2 million from the taxpayers for his own personal bank account.  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker and his surrogates have attempted to spread rumors about other candidates repeatedly even deliberately when they had full knowledge that those rumors were false.  But we won’t.

Instead we are going to briefly outline two ways that Vernon Parker not only lied to hundreds of thousands of Republican voters in Arizona, but how he continues to perpetuate those lies on a daily basis.  It is absolutely, positively the campaign strategy of Vernon Parker, his media team and his political allies who say nothing about it or remain loyal to Vernon to lie as frequently as possible to Arizona voters.  That’s what Vernon has left. Vernon Parker believes that Arizona voters are idiots and he can degrade and dehumanize them with his lies and win.  I sure hope that he’s wrong.

One would be a fool to assume that Vernon  Parker’s rags to riches is story is true, mostly true, or true in part without fully investigating it themselves. When one demonstrates an habitual need and willingness to lie for ones own benefit on a grand scale, in public and over and over again, any reasonable person comes to the conclusion that everything such a person communicates should be assumed a lie, unless proven otherwise.

Here are Vernon Parker’s lies for tonight.  Funny thing is that in both instances, Vernon Parker admitted to very closed audiences that these were indeed untrue statements for which he was responsible.  He even whispered the “Aw shucks” meaningless apology.  It only makes more despicable of a character.  Vernon has built his life on special preference affirmative action programs and playing the race card if it ever suits his needs.  It’s people like Vernon Parker and Al Sharpton who use race illegitimately that really diminish outrage over genuine racist acts.  Each time they play the race card, they effectively spit on the grave of Emmett Till.  It delegitimizes genuine, despicable racist acts. It’s ironic that Vernon Parker’s first whopper of a public lie directly related to his campaign was in relation to bogus charges of racism leveled by the NAACP against the Tea Party movement.

Vernon took advantage and wrestled his way onto FOX News.  We should assume that he misrepresented himself to FOX News based on the fact of what he said on the air. Vernon Parker looked square into the camera, didn’t flinch and said proudly “I am endorsed by the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  Plain bold statement.  Absolute lie.  Later he admitted his “mistake” when confronted at an actual Tea Party meeting.  But Vernon Parker’s YouTube account still includes this lie (“mistake”) over a month after making the statement.  He is promoting the video.  He knows that the Arizona media is not particularly aggressive in reporting political news.  Vernon knows that the more people who believe his lie, the better off it is for him.  So he keeps the video up on YouTube and continues to promote it.  Every day he makes a conscious and deliberate decision to continue lying to Arizona voters.

Here’s lie number two.  Vernon Parker has an autodialer that went out weeks ago to perhaps hundreds of thousands of voters in his district.  Vernon’s autodialer included an absolute lie.  No doubt about it.  The autodialer said “Vernon Parker is the only candidate in the race who opposes amnesty.”  Vernon knows that’s a lie.  He sat at well over a dozen forums with his opponents and knows that at least 8 of the others strongly oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Vernon approved a deliberate, self-serving lie of his creation.  Vernon even apologized (off camera) to some of his political opponents before their last group forum together at Cox Communications.  Vernon was afraid one of them would bring it up on the stage.  So he glad-handed his way around talking to some of his opponents talking about the other “mistake” that was made.

But it was confirmed that just a few hours ago, voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District were still receiving those calls that included Vernon’s lies.  Vernon Parker still has those calls rolling out to Arizona voters.  Vernon Parker’s strategy is to lie to as many voters as possible because it may help him get elected and no one can effectively counter his lies as fast as he can spread them.  For a few pennies a person, Vernon can send thousands and thousands of autodialer phone calls out to voters repeating what he knows is a lie and what he deliberately chose to lie about because in Arizona, illegal immigration is the number one issue on the minds of voters.

At a certain point you have to look at supporters of Vernon Parker in light of these repeated lies,  and wonder when they own the lies themselves.  I can understand why some well-intentioned folks initially could have found Vernon Parker attractive on paper.  But as Vernon has revealed himself as a person with very little content in his character, it is incumbent upon good people to stand up and say “How dare you Mr. Parker!  I believed in you.  I donated time for you.  I defended you.  I spoke up for you!  And in return, you made me look or at least feel like an idiot for supporting such a dishonest, dishonorable character.”  That’s what they should do.  I’m sure some have.  Good for them.  But the reality is simply that Vernon Parker doesn’t care about any of those people, honor or integrity. He cares only about Vernon Parker and lying, cheating and stealing as much as he can to benefit Vernon Parker.


2 Responses to “Vernon Parker Strategy is to Lie to as Many Voters as Possible”

  1. Ivan Tuttle said

    What we don’t need is another liar voted into office, we have enough of them already. Guess when most people run for office, they think they have to lie and make promises to everyone, but I like Pamela Gorman because she tells it like it is and if she hurts your feelings, oh well, better get over it because the truth is the truth.

  2. Stacey said

    Someone keeps writing about how Parker reduced spending in Paradise Valley like it is a good thing. Well, yeah, he had to. He just laid off 24 employees and Paradise Valley is coming up with a plan to increase taxes because they are going under:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

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