Got Moak? Careful, It’s Sour Moak!

August 16, 2010

The mudslinging in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District continues with millionaire telemarketer Steve Moak turning his sights on his opponents and beginning his attacks in an effort to distract attention from the latest revelations about his record.  If you listened to Moak on the campaign trail or read the glitzy mailers the millionaire telemarketer is sending throughout the district, you’d believe that Moak intends to apply his business experience in Washington.  The closer one looks at Moak’s record, the more one realizes that it’s not such a good thing.

First, Moak is a telemarketer.  He made his millions of dollars calling you, your parents and your grandma during dinner.  Aren’t Congressmen annoying enough without being telemarketers?  If you are fortunate enough to live in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, you are being bombarded by phone calls encouraging you to vote for Moak. Think those calls are coming from hardworking volunteers who are committed to the Moak wave sweeping the nation?  Think again.

Moak has made millions with call centers all over America (and jobs he no doubt outsourced) who are masters at getting you on the line, holding you on the line, manipulating you and getting you to act in a manner that works for them to get what they want. According to what others have published, employees at those call centers are being forced to sign non-disclosure statements so they are not allowed to tell you, tell the media or tell anyone what they are being told to do on behalf of Steve Moak.  Not a good sign of what Congressman Moak would be.

Moak needs to familiarize himself with the concept of transparency.  Conservatives across America are rightfully demanding openness about what government is doing with our tax dollars.  Businesses disclose as little as possible, only what they are required to share by law.  Moak should understand that as conservative voters we are interested in honesty and openness from our candidates.  Vernon Parker’s campaign imploded because he lost all credibility by repeatedly lying to Arizona voters (and is still now lying to them as he promotes his admittedly false YouTube ad online).

What Moak needs to understand is that we don’t want another Vernon Parker and we don’t want to be pestered with his phone calls.  We certainly don’t want to be called on our cellphones and we’d like to know who is being paid to make these calls.  Do these callers even live in Arizona or the 3rd District?  If not, are they at least Moak supporters? Or are they employees of Moak’s telemarketing firms being forced to sign non-disclosure statements and make calls on behalf of the boss (or risk their jobs)?  Do they disclose that they are not actual supporters in the call or do they lie to the voters who answer? Most conservatives are very much in favor of government being run more like a business in many ways.  We want accountability for where our dollars are spent. But what Moak doesn’t understand is that in the “government as business” model, he doesn’t get to be “the boss” as a Congressmen.    His ego won’t afford him the opportunity to “get it.”  No Mr. Moak, you are applying to work for us.

A secondary concern about paid telemarketers in call centers across America and maybe even outside the country making calls on behalf of Moak is the legality.  Moak is required by law to pay the full going rate for those calls.  He is not allowed to take corporate contribution in the form of dollars or in the form of anything of value.  If Moak is forcing employees of his own company to make those calls against their will and sign non-disclosure statements without full disclosure in his campaign finance reports, he’s violating the laws found under the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

If friends in the industry are making those calls for free or at a discount on behalf of Moak, and it’s not fully disclosed, it would also violate the law.  And when one gets to the question of how Moak is calling cellphone numbers (which is incredibly annoying to a lot of people) a whole different situation arises.  The voter file available as a public document often contains numbers or can easily be cross-referenced with phone records to match up with your own home phone number.  Such is not usually the case for cellphone records.  Moak and his industry allies own telemarketing firms.  Those firms have lists.  If he is using those lists, not paying the full cost (for example what he would charge his opponents to use the same list) and not fully disclosing that in his FEC reports, he is once again, violating the law.  Not a stellar list of unanswered question as the apparently very sloppy businessman becomes an all too typical politician.

Beyond the legality or ethical concerns of Moak using paid telemarketers across the country to pose as Moak supporters and bother you during dinner, is Moak’s business activities in past years and his alleged involvement in “slamming” activities that became prevalent in the telemarketing industry, eventually leading to an Act of the very Congress that Moak wants to join.  If you don’t remember or you’re too young, here is what drove the revenues for businesses like Moak’s.  You, mom and dad or grandma would get a call during dinner or some other inappropriate time of the day.  You’d be kept on the line for a minute or so answering annoying questions and trying to politely get off the call.  You’d finally hang up and be glad it was over. Then you’d find out later that your phone company was switched to MCI or another company and you never approved such a change. Lots of senior citizens kept paying bills and didn’t even realize their company was changed.  More money for Moak.

Moak was a “slammer” and slammers did whatever they could took to make money. They pushed their actions to the very limits of the law, with no concern for ethics or morality.  Eventually the public relations disaster and revelations drove MCI out of business.  The bottom line is that we shouldn’t need an Act of Congress to have stop Moak from being ethical.  Moak “the businessman” went to the full limits of the law, regardless of honesty or ethics, to benefit himself.   It would be absurd to assume Moak “the Congressman” will be any different.  Fool my once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

We haven’t seen the mainstream media even report on Moak’s business activities, much less investigate them fully and provide information to the voters necessary for them to make an informed decision.  So here it is.  Voters deserve to know the truth.

Lastly, Moak has abused not-for-profit laws to benefit whom?  You guessed it to benefit Moak himself.  After a couple of his children apparently experienced unfortunate problems related to drugs, Moak founded a charity to help families like his. His “NotMyKid” charity would seem to be a laudable pursuit.  What Moak failed to disclose was that his charity was engaged in “donating” home drug tests and encouraging parents to regularly test their kids for drugs and advocating such an approach.  However, what Moak failed to fully disclose and where his real charitable ends become more clear, was that Moak purchased a for-profit Company from which he bought the at-home drug kits which were donated – and in many cases sold through his charity website – to families.  So your charitable donation to Moak’s charity allowed him to use your contribution to purchase drug test kits from his own for profit company and pocket the profits himself.  And he encouraged suffering families to buy his not-for-profit’s drug-testing kits.

Is this the kind of “businessman” we need more of in Congress?  Many of us on the right and in the Tea Party movement tend to think that this is the problem with Congress, not the solution.  There is a reason no Tea Party has ever or would ever make an informed decision to support someone like Moak.  As Tea Party activists, we must stand up and oppose the Steve Moaks of the world.  We don’t just need Republicans.  We’ve seen them fail before. We are sick of government benefitting at the expense of taxpayers, we’re sick and tired of big business, corporate welfare and taxpayer-funded bailouts and back room deals with Congressmen helping fat cat businessmen.  Moak is what’s wrong with Washington and what’s wrong with the Republican Party, he is what the Tea Party was created to fight.

Playing off a marketing campaign of the milk industry, Steve Moak likes to use the catch phrase “Got Moak?”  Be forewarned:  Next time you see “Got Moak?” you should understand that Moak went sour long ago.


6 Responses to “Got Moak? Careful, It’s Sour Moak!”

  1. Ron said

    I think we all “got Moaked” with Obama, we dont need a Rino in AZ-3!

  2. AB said

    NotMycongressman. This guy is a crook! I hope the voters of CD3 wake up before this joker buys the race.

  3. NovemberMaddness said

    Moak’s a joke! Where is the experience?? (He owned a non-profit to help further his for-profit. How is this righteous??)

    Where is the support?? (His most recent campaign commercial had his wife, his pastor, and a couple friends endorse him. Does anyone in CD-3 actually KNOW Steve Moak??)

    Where is the campaign?? (He does not have volunteers make calls. He has his own OUT OF STATE phone bank company make campaign calls for him. Talk about OUTSOURCING!!)

    Who is paying for his campaign?? (Moak has more money than ANYONE else in this campaign. He sold his for-profit (for a large profit) and now holds the non-profit to save face; he is using friends and family for commercials; and he is forcing his out of state employees to call for him. HE IS BUYING THIS CAMPAIGN!!! Worse than a carpetbagger, he is unethical and already using Washington politics to try and win the Republican Primary!!!)

  4. Rachel said

    I am glad someone has finally taken the time to research Steve Moak and his questionable business background. It goes without saying that NotMyKid is a commendable organization that truly wants to assist struggling families. However, the line is drawn when the owner of a NON-profit organization begins using a FOR-profit organization to benefit himself. Moak failed not once, not twice, but three times to disclose the connection between NotMyKid and First Check on his IRS forms. As you stated, Moak purchased at-home drug kits through First Check, many of which he later sold through NotMyKid, collecting a profit off of each kit. If it is this easy for Moak to “bend the rules” as a businessman, what are we to expect of him as a Congressman?

    It would be a disgrace to Arizona and CD-3 to elect a man such as Steve Moak to replace John Shadegg. We need a candidate who will not only stand up to the liberal takeover of our beloved country, but who will work for the interests of their constituents. We need a candidate with integrity and a strong work ethic, something I cannot say is true for Steve Moak.

    Got Moak? No, I do not.

  5. AZ_Repub said

    This just sounds like someone with a bias, making up a bunch of plausible lies. “If” this and “if” that…

    Well, for the record, I am a Repub from District 3. I have received a total of 14 calls from the Quayle campaign in the past week – three of them were on my cell phone; all of them were extremely negative. In contrast, I have received two calls from Moak. Both were at my home. Both were for the purpose of inquiring about my opinions, and both callers identified themselves as “paid for by Moak for Congress.” Is anyone inquiring about whether Quayle is paying full price for his robocall services – if any of the companies he uses are overseas? This is complete silliness…

  6. Dave Herman said

    Voters deserve the facts and this rant is filled with numerous inaccuracies and faulty theories.

    Let me attempt to point out a few facts in this matter that are known to me personally.
    Moak made his money through a variety of business ventures and investments. He is a smart businessman and has repeatedly identified entrepreneurial operations where he could make a big impact in the growth and eventual sale of the organization. Along the way, he has created thousands of jobs, donated millions to charitable causes and mentored the next generation of business leaders to do the same.

    It’s true that Moak has owned call center companies that provide outsourced call center services. Outsourced does NOT mean offshore, it just means that companies hire experts to handle their calls. Steve Moak’s companies have operated call centers all across America, not in India, not in the Philippines, not in South America but in the United States. These companies have created jobs here in Arizona but also in 10 other states. These companies contract with Fortune 500 companies such as your health insurance company or your bank and the employees in these call centers handle incoming calls to service customers as wells as make outbound calls to consumers and businesses for a variety of purposes. Moak’s current company, as well as the previous company he owned, operate in full compliance with the law and with the highest standards of quality. The leaders of these companies are respected business people who advocate publically for the customer experience, the importance of compliance and ethics in these customer facing operations.

    Moak’s current call center firm does make calls on behalf of political candidates. This is something they have done for the 11 years they have been in business and quite frankly, it’s something that most call center companies do. These calls are not made exclusively for Moak. Making political calls creates jobs for the people making the calls. These are paid employees who willingly applied for these positions and employees are always able to opt out of working on a particular campaign if they desire.

    Employees are asked to sign a Non Disclosure when they are hired in order to protect the privacy of client data. Would you want the person looking up the status of your medical claims not to be bound by a Non Disclosure so they would be free to discuss your private medical records with others? Of course not! This is standard practice in any business. To suggest that this is something underhanded being done by Moak is outlandish. All employees hired for political calling know that is exactly what they are hired to do. Moak is one of many candidates they call for. Moak pays full price for these services. There is nothing new here. Candidates in both parties do this every day and it’s perfectly legal.

    Instead of coming up with a litany of potential things that Steve Moak may be doing wrong, let’s let the voters see all the things he is doing right.

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