RESOLVED: Vernon Parker is a Liar

August 13, 2010

Vernon Parker’s true character, or lack thereof, is finally being revealed to Arizona voters just days before the election is completed.  He’s been exposed for having an entitlement mentality with a willingness to do or say anything to benefit himself and get away with as much as possible.  It would be unreasonable to expect him to change if he gets elected to Congress.  Thankfully, his lies and misdeeds are being exposed again and again and his campaign is imploding.  Arizona voters are not idiots.

All along, Parker has done nothing more than game the system.  He has been nothing more than a public relations project.  A creation.  Fortunately, the truth is being revealed before voters in Arizona’s 3rd District make a final decision.  One of the little stories he tells about his upbringing in voter forums is how his 75-year-old, tired, retired grandmother had to go back to work cleaning other people’s houses so he could go to Georgetown.  And this is a character trait we should admire?  I think as a college graduate and grown adult he should have been responsible for himself and been taking care of his grandmother.  Fundamentally flawed person, right there.

Let’s look at some of Vernon’s more recent lapses in character and veracity for the truth:

Vernon lied to the voters on FOX News national broadcasts that played all day long. When the NAACP idiotically criticized the Tea Party movement as racist, Vernon and his PR team saw their opportunity. They pitched an appearance on FOX.  “We’ve got the perfect guest for you!”

Vernon looked straight into the camera … right into the eyes of Arizona voters and conservatives across America watching and said without hesitating “I have been endorsed by the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  It was seen over and over again all day long by millions of Republicans and millions of conservative voters who support the Tea Party movement.  Vernon shared it on Facebook.  He shared it on Twitter.  So every Arizona 3rd District voter possible could hear the claim.

But it was a lie.  Vernon lied.  He has not been endorsed by any Tea Party, much less the largest Tea Party.  At first they ignored it.  Good, but totally unethical and dishonest, PR strategy.  Let everyone hear the lie.  Ignore criticism or claims that it is a lie for as long as possible.  Just keep moving forward and spreading it as far and wide as possible before it’s seriously challenged.  And in this race-sensitive world, his PR team knew that they could get pretty far before anyone would ever have the guts to say “Hey, I don’t care if Vernon’s black or not.  It’s not racist to tell the world he lied.  Voters deserve to know the truth.”  The one who had the guts to do it was Pamela Gorman, his opponent in Arizona’s 3rd District.  I guess it’s easy to understand why Gorman is the only actual Tea Party endorsed candidate in Arizona’s 3rd District.

Gorman’s attempts to interest the media or others in the Tea Parties (who know the truth) to come out and discuss this brazen lie took a while to resonate. And, Vernon’s PR machine kept spreading the lie as far and wide as they could.  Then, after receiving maximum benefit, Parker’s team determined that he could apologize in as a small a way as possible.  So recently, Vernon admitted that he lied.  He appeared at a North Phoenix Tea Party meeting and was criticized heavily by REAL Tea Party folks.  He didn’t say “I lied,” of course.  What a politician.  It’s like Bill Clinton all over again. He “admitted he made a mistake” but never really owned up to it.

When he was asked if he would refute what he said and retract it, he said “Will you pay for it?  I don’t have any money to run ads retracting it.”  Very remorseful (not). The smart tea party woman replied “It doesn’t cost any money to issue a press release.”  Vernon was unmoved.  He hasn’t issued a press release.  No one is perfect. But Vernon feels a sense of entitlement, repeatedly breaks the rules and has an “I’ll get away with as much as I possibly can and benefit as much as possible” attitude. He’s what’s wrong with Washington all too often, not what we need more of there.

I’ll let you in on a more shocking aspect of this story.  Vernon apologized at North Valley Tea Party five days ago (at the time of this writing), but his YouTube page STILL has his video posted right now at 6 PM Arizona time on Friday, August 13. Nearly a week after his “apology” and a lie described as a “mistake.”  Dear Mr. Parker, it costs nothing to simply take down a video clip from your own YouTube account!  It requires about 90 seconds of his precious time.  But, he has chosen to continue lying to District 3 voters.  Expect him to lie right up until election day (and beyond, if he wins).

The next lie plays out in the same way.  The Parker strategy: Lie about something important to as many of the voters as humanly possible.  Let the self-serving lie be disseminated to as many voters as possible.  The man seems to have absolutely no regard for voters.  Vernon Parker did an autodialer presumably to hundreds of thousands of voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.  In the autodialer was an absolute, out-and-out lie.  It stated “Vernon Parker is the ONLY candidate in Arizona’s 3rd District that opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.”  And at the end, he is heard confirming, “this message is authorized and paid for by Vernon Parker for Congress.”  I’ve heard it.

Once again, leading the way, Pamela Gorman began hitting the airwaves and talking to media about the lie in Parker’s autodialer.  More recently, Sam Crump drew attention to it.  According to several reliable sources, at yesterday’s candidate forum at Cox Communications, Bob Branch, Gorman, Crump, Ed Winkler all were talking about Vernon’s lies about their records.  They’ve all come to expect Vernon to lie about his own story and accomplishments, but lying to Arizona voters about THEIR position on this important issue to those voters is another story all together.

Vernon Parker has never lifted a finger to help manage the illegal immigration problem in Arizona.  Gorman, Crump and Jim Waring were all cosponsors of SB 1070.  Gorman’s campaign is even supported by Senator Russell Pearce the author of SB 1070 with whom she has crafted legislation designed to address this issue for years.  Gorman and Pearce will be speaking at the Tea Party Rally at the Arizona-Mexico border on Sunday.

Based on the FOX News lie and the fact that the lie is STILL up on Vernon’s YouTube site, the smart money says that Vernon’s dishonest autodialer is still be being heard by thousands of voters day after day after day.  Vernon Parker will lie to voters repeatedly if it helps Vernon Parker.  The question is will voters let Vernon Parker know that fighting politicians like him is the very reason Tea Parties were created? Sorry, Vernon.  Arizona voters aren’t idiots.


2 Responses to “RESOLVED: Vernon Parker is a Liar”

  1. Mark said

    How about Moak, you are so down on Parker but I heard Moak actually set up a Not For Profit to fill his own wallet??? That is what I call an abuser of the system, a guy who is obviously a liar and a pathetic choice for office.

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