What’s Ben Quayle’s Problem with Women and Babies?

August 11, 2010

The luster of young Ben Quayle is fading fast as his carefully applied coats of image enhancement wear thin under the pressure of the last two weeks of the primary.  Just in the last 24 hours, it’s been discovered that he apparently doesn’t respect the lives of babies or women, at least that is what we can expect the representation to be by the many qualified candidates with far greater experience.
But will they be totally wrong on this one? First, there is the problem he faces with the questionnaire he filled out, wrote further explanation in, refused to give straight answers on, and then SIGNED.  On June 7, Ben Quayle sent in his Center for Arizona Policy survey (they are a socially conservative watchdog group in AZ that distributes the raw answers on their surveys to socially conservative voters).  Only problem is, there are three questions without either a “support” or “oppose” circled.  A closer look at the organizations site reveals a scanned image of his actual survey answers… and his well-spun-but-still-damning answers on these core social issues.  (www.AzPolicy.org).
Quayle can’t say he supports a prohibition against Embryonic Stem Cell research. RED FLAG, pro-life voters!  This is a huge departure from your position.  The creation of a demand for aborted babies in the research industry is sick and NO pro-life person wants to live in a country where babies dead bodies become a commodity to be bought and sold, much less the obvious next step where young women are enticed to help “produce” babies for their ultimate destruction in order to harvest their brain stem cells.  He didn’t answer this question but wrote in that he would not support federal money going toward this research.  Well, whoop-de-do!  So, if private entities kill babies, it is ok?  That Arizona Right to Life somehow missed this when they listed him, as someone who claims to hold pro-life positions, is astounding (they did NOT endorse him, to be clear)!
This is “out there” in  his own writing with a signature under it for all the world to see.  And, for the out of area readers, you should know that The Center For Arizona Policy is no wallflower organization.  They are the clear “go to” group on all things social conservative in terms of both policy positions and for socially conservative media commentary.  Another time, we’ll consider if there were healthy contributions to Arizona Right to Life that might have caused them to give Ben Quayle a waiver for his clearly pro-abortion position on this key issue.  Heaven knows the Quayle family has sprinkled money everywhere else in the state and in DC to help this young chap.
The other two issues he can’t firmly support in his CAP Voter Guide responses are surprising, also.  He doesn’t support the Marriage Amendment, defining marriage between one man and one woman in one missing answer.  And in the other, he doesn’t affirm that he supports either the flat tax or fair tax.
On top of his woes that he has brought on himself with his responses to this socially conservative voter guide, Quayle was “outed” today for writing under a pseudonym for an adult oriented website that celebrates all things debauchery and particularly enjoys the objectification of women.  The name he wrote under was the character name of a porn star in a movie.  He wrote about trying to get with the hottest chick he could find in North Scottsdale.  Nice.  The site is known for snapping pictures of women (yes, those would be private American citizens) and then posting them on the site where the “guys” then make unflattering comments or celebrate their artificial enhancements in their tight clothing.  Again, nice.
No parent of a daughter or brother of a sister or son of a mother, should support this creep.  And certainly, no self-respecting female voter should cast a vote for him. He has shown you what he really thinks about the fairer gender and you can anticipate that same amount of respect if he is elected to office.  Details of this were posted all over the web the last two days, but here is a link to one that gives a pretty darn good and exhaustive evaluation  of the scandal – at least chapter one.   http://exurbanleague.com/Home/tabid/40/EntryId/524/-Brock-Quayles-dirty-dealings.aspx
So, today, after months of careful spin and artful crafting of Ben Quayle’s public persona that has left many asking, “Who is Ben Quayle?” We finally have an answer. He is a womanizing, woman slandering, baby hating double-talker who won’t take a position on gay marriage or fiscal issues like the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax.  And to think we knew none of this until today.  Wonder how many early ballot voters want those ballots back now?!  Well, they will if the Quayle camp can’t buy their way to freedom on all of this quickly.  The lesson?  Money can’t buy you love, and it can’t buy you character.

2 Responses to “What’s Ben Quayle’s Problem with Women and Babies?”

  1. Rachel said

    Although I do not agree with your article and opinions about Mr. Quayle, I must commend you on your writing and ability to speak clearly.

    A trip to Ben’s campaign page, http://www.quayleforcongress.com shows that Ben believes in “the sanctity of life” and even posts a mailer that he has sent out (http://www.quayleforcongress.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/quayle_prolife.pdf). As we can see, Ben “will fight to protect life and traditional marriage”. You say that The Center For Arizona Policy is “no wallflower organization” and they are the group to trust on these issues. If they truly are the “go to” group, I would hope that they would not be easily bribed by any candidate looking for a better assessment. I also trust that an organization of this caliber would not succumb to such dirty politics for a little side cash. Ben has proven himself to be a man of integrity with family values; he will stand up to the liberals in Congress to protect the lives of the unborn children, as well as stand firmly for traditional marriage. Please reconsider your thoughts about Ben, because as we all can see a little research can go a long way towards finding the truth.

    • azgadsden said

      Thank you for your comments.

      I don’t doubt that Mr. Quayle put out a mailer that explained the issue in “his terms” and that he believes what he put on the website or other campaign materials. My problem comes with an unwillingness to answer the direct questions in the survey. Granted, some of the surveys are quite ridiculous. This one, however, was quite direct. He could not provide a “yes” or “no” on flat tax or fair tax (I would agree that those two are NOT mutually exclusive). He could not provide a “yes” or “no” on same sex marriage. And he could not give a simple “yes” or “no” on embryonic stem cell research. That means he is not a clear “no.”

      But I appreciate your comments. And civility.

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