Vernon, It’s the Content of Your Character That’s the Problem

August 3, 2010

Vernon Parker has been the subject of a couple of blog posts in Arizona Right to Win.  The more one looks into Vernon’s actions, the more one realizes that you could almost have a blog dedicated to Vernon Parker’s serious character flaws that should dissuade any serious person (of any ideology) and certainly any conservative from voting for Vernon Parker for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.  In just the short time Arizona voters have gotten to know Vernon Parker, he has literally lied and misrepresented himself and the truth in so many different ways that one must seriously question anything and everything he claims about himself and wonder if any or some of it is even true.

Before going back to the most recent stories that ultimately were covered by the Arizona Republic, the Sonoran News and Arizona Right to Win, let’s look at a few things that happened since those stories were finally brought out into the open.  Well, for starters, Vernon Parker went on FOX News nationally and not only lied to all the voters of Arizona, he lied to the entire country.  Vernon went on FOX News and claimed he was “endorsed by the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  Well, there is a little problem with that claim.  Vernon Parker as of this writing (and certainly at the time he made the claim on FOX News) has NEVER been endorsed by ANY Arizona Tea Party, much less “the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  Rest assured he’s got his people scrambling to offer anything and everything to find him a Tea Party endorsement, but it hasn’t happened yet and he’ll still be liar even if they are eventually successful in bartering an endorsement or threatening one (which is what this campaign does with those perceived to be threats to them politically).

It goes beyond a misstatement and beyond and “oops, I slipped up” comment to tell an outright total and complete lie on national TV.  One honestly must be flabbergasted by the idea that a human being can run for office and make up a total and complete lie and tell it on national TV and somehow think that’s okay.  It must make you wonder about the veracity of anything and everything Vernon Parker has ever said in this campaign or his life.  If you’ve wondered why Vernon read from notecards talking about his life at forum after forum after forum, at this point one can’t be a serious person without wondering if the whole story or parts of it are a total fabrication.

That’s just the beginning.  In a recorded autodialer that has been making the rounds in the cyber universe, that was done on behalf of Vernon, includes another total and complete fabrication (not a misstatement).  The autodialer says “Vernon Parker is the only candidate that opposes amnesty” in the race.  And at the end, you guessed it, this message was authorized and paid for by Vernon Parker for Congress.  If you haven’t heard it yet, you’ll probably get in your email because its making the rounds.

Well, Vernon lied.  Only one of the ten candidates has clearly come out in favor of amnesty and that was when Steve Moak supported amnesty in a recorded interview with the Arizona Republica while trying to secure the paper’s endorsement.  Since he didn’t get the endorsement, even Moak has changed his tune and claiming to have always opposed amnesty, but his prior position was caught on tape.

Bottom line is that Vernon Parker’s autodialer indicated that he was the only candidate who opposed amnesty when there may be as many as NINE candidates in the race who oppose amnesty and a tenth who says he does now (but supported it earlier).  Russell Pearce, the author of SB 1070 is supporting two candidates in this race, neither of whom is named Parker.  Senator Pearce is a staunch opponent of amnesty and you can rest assured that the candidates he’s supporting in the race oppose it as well.  On that basis alone, it’s shameful that Vernon Parker has chosen to spread lies about all of his opponents and he owes them (and Russell Pearce) an apology.

What are some of the other whoppers in Vernon’s life? Well, I guess a pretty big one was when Vernon allegedly lied on his application for special (affirmative action) status as a disadvantaged or minority business classification that would move him to the front of the line before others to get a $1.25 million government handout.  Vernon said he wasn’t an employee of the government when he applied.  But he still collected a paycheck and benefits for many months after applying.  The simple fact of the matter is that any objective look at Vernon’s character reveals a willingness to lie if it serves his self-interest and there were 1,25o,ooo ways that lie would have served Vernon’s self-interest.

And the debate over this particular lie is actually used to benefit Parker by obscuring the real question:  Why was Vernon Parker applying for special disadvantaged or minority status to move other more capable an experienced candidates aside so that he could access $1.25 million in taxpayer dollars?  If he were running as a liberal Democrat in Philadelphia, it would be par for the course.  But you can’t say you’re a conservative and oppose affirmative action when you used it yourself to cash in and get rich.  And when Vernon got investigated for his alleged misdeeds, he now has sued the government in an effort to secure an additional $2 million in taxpayer money for his trouble.  That says it all.

Vernon’s bread  and butter is being the victim.  He’s used it to get ahead and get rich. And he’s using it to obscure his lies by claiming victim status again and asking for $2 million more from the taxpayers.  And he’s playing the victim to try to win votes.  But Vernon is no victim.  He’s actually been and continues to be the victimizer of the taxpayers.  Vernon has still never answered fundamental questions.  Did you apply AT ALL for special status as a minority or disadvantaged business with the Small Business Administration?  Yes or No?  Did you ever secure taxpayer dollars (and how much and can you document all received) as a result of that status?  Yes or No?  Did you ever secure taxpayer dollars in any other way (how much and will you document it)?  Have you ever helped others acquire that very status for their businesses?  Yes or No?  Have you ever assisted others to receive government contracts or grants or loans?  Yes or No? Vernon has never answered these questions and let’s face it, our media here generally doesn’t trouble themselves too much with extra work or questions.  That’s what allows candidates like Parker to even get this far.  If proper media scrutiny were paid to these issues, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Vernon Parker has been caught lying again and again.  And his campaign, by far, has been the dirtiest, sleaziest operation of any of the 10 in Arizona’s 3rd District.  He spread rumors about one candidate being in rehab without owning the comment or offering any proof or substantiation.  He and his operatives spread stories about other candidates (yes, that is plural) that were deeply offensive and damaging and totally unsubstantiated and untrue.  No care to them because all were to benefit Vernon.  And Vernon claims to have served as a substitute Pastor for two years at a church.  Did he, really?  That is a darn scary thought, but on behalf of the possible flock attending, we can take some solace in knowing it’s very possibly completely fabricated or at least totally exaggerated.

There is one dangerous and reckless supporter of Vernon’s that goes around town actually making the absurd claim that Vernon’s already been vetted by the FBI so he’s the only candidate who could win the primary who will have no dirt on him.  No statement could be more untrue or more idiotic.  Some people say this lady wears a sequined hat in order to keep the space aliens from eating her brain matter.  If that were true, we’d have to say that she must have slept with her hat off because they seem to have gotten some.  Vernon is the subject of an investigation.  Vernon may have seriously violated the law.  Vernon has now counter-sued and assuming the litigation continues, we will learn a lot more about Vernon and what went on before this issue is resolved.  Vernon has lied on national TV with a straight face.  Vernon has spread absolute and total lies in his autodialers.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no candidate in this race with more ethical baggage and political vulnerability than Vernon Parker.  If you are a Republican and a true conservative, unless you are Vernon Parker’s mother or his wife, it would be the height of extreme irresponsibility to vote for this deeply flawed man.  Vernon Parker’s absolute lack of character disqualifies him from this position.  He’s made a career and a lucrative one playing the victim, taking advantage of affirmative action laws (that NOW he claims to oppose) and telling absolute lies and falsehoods for the sole purpose of benefitting himself personally.  There are some who are not qualified to win the 3rd District seat because they lack knowledge or experience in the political arena.  Vernon Parker is the sole candidate that lacks the ethics, character and integrity to be considered in this race.


14 Responses to “Vernon, It’s the Content of Your Character That’s the Problem”

  1. Bob said

    Now I know the character of the pamela gorman crowd after reading this mess.

    Vernon was endorsed by the 2010 Project – a tea party organization – checked by fox news. You are not smarter than they are.

    You do not understand the government case involving Vernon and his business. You do not have the facts. You are therefore lying by trying to decieve people that Vernon did something wrong.

    He did pastor a church. He was asked to do it. He is well respected and well thought of.

    I’ve heard good and bad things about pamela gorman. I don’t want people to think badly of Vernon because of what other’s write. I also don’t want to think badly of pamela gorman because of what you write – garbage. But it certainly doesn’t reflect well.

    You sound like a mean, irrational man. Hopefully, pamela gorman does not endorse this mess. If she does, she is twice as bad as what you’ve tried to smear Vernon with above.

    • azgadsden said

      Vernon Parker admitted lying about being endorsed by a Arizona’s largest tea party group (2010 project admittedly is NOT a Tea Party group). As is his way, Vernon used his race to get on FOX News to have a black tea party candidate response to NAACP’s absurd charges that tea party movement is racist. He used his race to move to front of line to secure $1.25 million of taxpayer dollars when starting his business (allegedly and potentially illegally when still a government bureaucrat). He now has sued the taxpayers for $2 million to cover up the federal investigation and his actions related to securing taxpayer dollars for his business. He then put out an autodialer (I’ve heard it, have you?) LYING about Vernon Parker being the only candidate in the race who opposed amnesty for illegal aliens. Then he played the race card against Ben Quayle in a silly and unfair way. You don’t go around loosely accusing people of racism, ESPECIALLY after you lied, went on FOX News and criticized the NAACP for unfairly accusing others of racism. Then his campaign lied about being behind all the revelations about Quayle’s sex website revelations and working with the owner of the website himself, even having him at a Vernon Parker fundraiser. Vernon is OF this nightclubbing, BS’ing good old PERSON network. He has demonstrated time and time again that he is NOT to be trusted. And the Democrats (if not the federal government investigators) will eat his lying rear end up. And he is not remotely a conservative no matter what he says.

  2. Wah Wah Gorman didn't get AZ2010 said

    Bitter Betty much? Why don’t you direct your kvetching at the real insult to this race: Ben Quayle.

  3. Nathan said

    Wow – amazing attack piece… Have you every talked with him? I have – and you have it wrong…

    • azgadsden said

      I have met him. It’s not particularly relevant whether he seems like a nice guy. A lot of people like him personally. Actually, this isn’t a personal attack. It’s an attack on his demonstrated record of not telling the truth and gaming the system to benefit one VBP

  4. Hal said

    This is an atrociously and unjustifiably hateful piece and should be reconsidered or otherwise ignored by its viewership. Having personally met Vernon at numerous events I can say with full confidence that this post is an utter fallacy. He’s a great guy with great values – both for Arizona and America at large – and is entirely undeserving of this malicious trash-talk.

    • azgadsden said

      You choose to ignore the facts.

      Did he lie about being endorsed by Arizona’s largest tea party? Yes. Admittedly.

      Did he lie in an autodialer claiming that he was the ONLY candidate in race to oppose amnesty? Yes.

      Did he apparently lie on his status form to become classified as a disadvantated or minority business while still an employee and change the form? He disputes it. The facts strongly suggest otherwise. And regardless if he opposes affirmative action, why was Vernon Parker trying to get $1.25 million of taxpayer dollars from affirmative action program?

      Did he sue the taxpayers for an additional $2 million to cover up this investigation (and the underlying facts of the case and issues about why he applied for the program, how many others he helped, etc?) He hasn’t admitted why, but with much fanfare indicated he wanted $2 million fromt the taxpayers.

      Did his campaign apparently uncover and expose the Quayle sex site story and then lie about their connections to the owner of the website (I won’t name it because I don’t want to drive people there)? Well, it appears that the denials by Vernon Parker campaign may have also been total and complete lies.

      Any reasonable analysis would require a person to say “Vernon Parker has lied and repeatedly used his race for personal gain and benefit or to attack others. Nothing he says should be assumed credible unless completely proven to be true.”

      The man wouldn’t recognize the truth if looked him right in the eye.

  5. John said

    Steve Moak on Amnesty:
    Are undocumented immigrants a net benefit or detriment to Arizona?
    Would you favor a temporary worker program to help ensure employers in Arizona and other states have the necessary supply of workers?
    Yes, when the border is secure. The definition of a secure border is controlled entrance and exit from the nation. Once this is in place a well-managed temporary worker program needs to be part of the solution.
    What should be done about the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants now in the United States? Do you support a pathway to legal status for them and some other mechanism th at would allow them to get right with the law? Why or why not?
    If individuals are in this country illegally, they need to be held accountable. We cannot have serious, constructive conversation regarding immigration until the federal government takes measurable action to secure our borders. Even then, amnesty is not an option.
    Did you support SB 1070 – Arizona’s new immigration law? Why or why not?
    Yes. Arizona’s law was simply a catalyst to prompt the federal government to take action. It’s time to stop illegal immigration and its negative effects on Arizona’s law-abiding citizens

    • azgadsden said

      The point is … that Steve Moak indicated CLEAR support for the DREAM Act massive amnesty program in an interview with four of his opponents and reporters/editors from the Arizona Republic. Steve Moak, if he doesn’t understand an issue or thinks a question is unfair, ALWAYS speaks up and asks. If you’ve been to any of the CD3 candidate forums, you’d see that he does it at almost every one.

      So, why did Steve Moak tell the Arizona Republic he supports the DREAM Act massive amnesty program (when ALL FOUR of his opponents said they opposed it) in this interview? He was pandering (nice way to say “kissing butt”) of the liberals at the Arizona Republic to get an endorsement. He was either telling them what they wanted to hear or making it up and misrepresenting what he believes to get what he wants.

      He has never once loudly and publicly asked for the tape to be released so the public can hear it and clarify what went on and he can explain himself. And his position now is that he’s opposed because the liberal paper already endorsed liberal Paulina Morris in the race.

      Moak has MUCH bigger problems than his flip-flopping on amnesty and pandering to the leftist newspaper for their support though …

  6. Sure said

    Parkers scares the heck out of me. I think he is a corporate lap dog. You go to Paradise Valley and Redflex cameras are eveywhere. The chairman of his campaign is the founder of Taser International.

    Paradise Valley just laid off 24 employees and is in financial straits. He has been investigated by the inspector general of the small business administration.

    The Coalition of Minority Employees couldn’t say enough bads things about him.

    It said, “The boldness and failure under Vernon Parker and his leadership team runs deep to the core of our justice system and goes far beyond dollars.

    Read more here:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    • azgadsden said

      Yes. Certain people would like to see VBP in Congress because he will be their “in” to making money, corporate government contracts, insider deals. And those deals have been the story of Vernon’s life and why he lives in Paradise Valley in the first place. It’s going to be “show me the money” and “watch out taxpayers! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

  7. John said

    By the way, I listened to Steve on one of those call in and ask the candidate a question. Amnesty came up -Steve Moak said he DOES NOT support amnesty. I don’t remember his exact answer, but one thing Mr. Moak said is that you can’t pick and choose which laws to enforce so amnesty isn’t an option. Mr. Moak said that amnesty means the government isn’t enforcing immigration laws. That’s what kills me about amnesty supporters – any other laws you don’t want enforced?

    • azgadsden said

      I agree that Steve Moak answered the amnesty question correctly (as a conservative) on that radio program. You’ve got that right. The problem was that he was willing to take a completely contrary position and surrender on the issue … the liberal one … just to pander.

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