Moak Adds a Lie to His Support for Amnesty

August 2, 2010

Last week, Arizona Right to Win reported exclusively that millionaire telemarketer Steve Moak indicated his strong support for the DREAM Act in an interview with the Arizona Republic.  Moak is a candidate for the Republican nod in the 3rd Congressional District and distinguished himself from at least the other four candidates participating in the interview by indicating his support for the Act which would provide the largest grant of amnesty for illegal immigrants in our nation’s recent history.

What Moak needs to understand is that amnesty is not the answer for this country’s problems related to illegal immigration.  In fact, the massive amnesty program that Moak indicated he supports would only encourage more persons to cross the border illegally (knowing they can get amnesty once they’ve gotten here and been undetected for a time).  Moak took the bold (I’m being sarcastic) step of agreeing that the federal government must secure its southern border with Mexico.  In finally stepping up to the table on this issue, Moak joined all nine of his Republican opponents and a heck of a lot of other people in agreeing to that minimalist position.  Even Hillary Clinton has indicated that the border should be secured.  It can be confirmed that Moak also claims to be opposed to amnesty on his website.  Very convenient for a politician.  Unfortunately, he was caught on tape, however.

Now, the kicker, last night on a TV interview, millionaire telemarketer Moak emphatically denied that he supports the DREAM Act.  Listen voters, Steve Moak has a deal for you!  Sorry to interrupt you dinner, but can you please just answer one question for me?  Do you like being a winner?  You do?  Well, we’ve got a winner of an opportunity for you!  And now … back to reality.  Maybe in addition to being a naturalized citizen we should get amend the Constitution to prohibit telemarketers from running for office.

We are attempting to secure a tape of Moak’s comments on the TV interview from last night, but according to third parties who have seen the appearance (admittedly it would be excluded as hearsay in a courtroom … but this isn’t a courtroom) indicated that Moak actually went as far as to indicate that the report in this blog was a “lie.”  Now that is where you have serious problems, Mr. Moak.  Were you hibernating during Watergate? Did you study it in Kentucky or did you miss class on that day?  The “takeaway” from Watergate was that yes, it was bad that Republican operatives broke into the offices of the Democratic Party at the Watergate Hotel.  But the real problem for President Nixon came when he lied about it.  Again and again and again.  And attempted to cover up information about the break-in, the lies and how the administration covered up the entire mess.

Politicians NEVER seem to learn that fundamental message.  Steve Moak, stop lying to the voters.  Either explain why you believe the DREAM Act is something you support or explain that you messed up when you answered, you subsequently lied about it and move on.  Do you not realize that four of your opponents were in the room with you when you indicated support for the DREAM Act?  Do you not realize that the Arizona Republic recorded the interview?  Would you call on them to immediately release the full tape of the interview or at least the portion related to them asking about the DREAM Act?  Are you suggesting that the four opponents, if they confirm the reports here, are liars?  Your comments are reckless, irresponsible and self-serving.  Time to honestly acknowledge what you’ve said and done so far.  If you think you’ve been misrepresented, stop the puffery and get the unedited version of the tape released.

You’ve spent a lot of money.  You’ve taken a trip to the border and taken ominous photos of you looking forlorn and concerned with binoculars.  But you’ve avoided serious discussion of amnesty until now.  You’ve avoided it until it was revealed publicly that you expressed your support for the DREAM Act in an interview that was recorded by the state’s largest newspaper and witnessed by several of their employees and four of your opponents.  Now, not only are you on record with the Arizona Republic supporting the DREAM Act (which your Democratic opponent may skewer you with should you win the GOP nomination) but you’re now in a worse position because you are on record with the Arizona Republic lying about your support for the DREAM Act.

It’s time to come clean.  Admit that you lied.  And admit that you indicated support for the DREAM Act massive grant of amnesty to illegal immigrants in your interview.  And admit that you went on TV yesterday and lied about having done so.  And admit that you hoped no one would notice, find out or care that you expressed your support for the DREAM Act.  And then either admit that you changed your position and that you were in favor of amnesty until you learned people don’t like it, so now you’re opposed.  Or admit that you had no idea what the DREAM Act was and you simply made up an answer.  Based upon what we’ve seen at most of the other forums, it certainly would be believable that you hadn’t a clue what the DREAM Act was and you simply made up an answer.  Glitzy mail brochures look impressive.  Being honest with the voters is impressive.  You’ve got time to correct your mistake.


One Response to “Moak Adds a Lie to His Support for Amnesty”

  1. Ron said

    Just great another guy who just wants to buy a seat in congress to be a Rino! We need real conservative to represent us here in CD-3. Not a guy that will “go with the flow”

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