As voters head to the polls in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, the candidates are flooding radio, cable TV, telephones and mailboxes with slick ads and propaganda. There is some relevant information on a few of the candidates won’t be advertising in their brochures.  As we’ll outline below, Jim Waring, Sam Crump, Paulina Morris and LeAnn Hull have some history with tax increases that should give all conservative voters pause.

Arizona Right to Win has covered some of the candidates extensively.  We’ve reported most on the three-ring circus and good old boy network mudslinging display to which Ben Quayle, Steve Moak and Vernon Parker have been subjecting voters.  Now, it’s important to look at some of the other candidates on taxes and what you find about at least four of them is not very appealing.  Senator Jim Waring, Representative Sam Crump, Paulina Morris and LeAnn Hull all have recent experiences where they have supported tax increases.  Of course, all are running as “conservatives.”

Waring is the only candidate in the race endorsed by John McCain for whom Waring worked as a lobbyist on state issues.  Waring is the McCain candidate in the race and has a moderate record in the Legislature.  Most troubling about Waring’s moderate record are his votes with a handful of other Republicans in support of the Janet Napolitano budgets.  Equally disturbing is Waring’s support for the tax increase used to build the boondoggle of light rail in Phoenix.  Hardly a conservative foundation.

If you’ve followed Sam Crump’s career at all, you’d know that he moved to Arizona from California after serving as a city council member and Mayor in a small town.  Prior to moving to Arizona and entering politics here, he lost a race for the General Assembly in California.  Most disturbing about Crump’s work in California is that he didn’t merely vote for a tax increase, he actually was the leader of a coalition that was put together, raised money and supported a tax increase.  On his Facebook account, Crump tried to explain away his support by sharing all the other fine folks who supported the tax increase.  I’m sorry, but a lot of “fine folks” supported the Arizona tax increase.  We don’t need a leader who will go along with a tax increase when their friends all agree it’s a good deal.  We need a leader who will say “Hell no!” when his friends come looking for someone to support a tax increase.

Crump has also taken the bold step of printing “JD Hayworth” and “Tea Party Candidate” on his large signs that we see as we drive throughout the district.  The only problem with that is that there are no tea parties who support Sam Crump. Additionally, JD Hayworth certainly has not come out in support of Crump’s candidacy. Granted, Crump’s misrepresentation about the tea party is not as offensive as Vernon Parker lying about it on FOX News (and despite admitting his lie refusing to remove the video from his YouTube account).

Also troubling about Crump is that he started to run for this Congressional seat the first time Congressman John Shadegg indicated he was going to retire (only to later change his mind).  After backing out, Crump started a campaign to run for Attorney General. Then when others expressed interest in running for his state legislative seat he dropped out of the Attorney General’s race to run for reelection to the State House only to change those plans and enter the race for Congress again.  When you consider all that on top of the fact that Crump moved to Arizona to get involved in politics here after hitting the wall in his native California, you realize that Sam Crump is the embodiment of someone who wants to BE something, rather than someone who wants to DO something.

Paulina Morris claims to be a “Goldwater conservative” but bragged at candidate forum after forum about her support for sending the $3 billion tax increase to the ballot and efforts to see the tax increase passed.  Morris is strongly pro-abortion, pro-tax increase and pro-government spending.  It’s why the public employee unions have lined up behind her campaign.  Despite a compelling personal story (which unlike Vernon Parker’s is actually probably true), Paulina Morris is absolutely not an option for conservative voters.

LeAnn Hull is a nice lady, but she’s not ready for Congress.  At the candidate forums Hull was offended that Paulina Morris claimed to be the only candidate who supported the Governor’s $3 billion tax increase.  Hull regularly interrupted to point out that she also supported the tax increase going to the ballot and lobbied the voters to pass the tax increase.  It was a surreal experience to be in a conservative Republican District, in a Republican primary forum and have LeAnn Hull and Paulina Morris argue about who did more to support the $3 billion tax increase on Arizona families in the middle of a recession.  Meanwhile Sam Crump and Jim Waring kept their heads down and hoped no one would discover and point out their histories of supporting tax increases.

If taxes are an issue that are important to you as a conservative (let’s be real if they aren’t an issue important to you, you’re not a conservative), you should best avoid the options of Waring, Crump, Morris or Hull.


Good morning and happy Sunday to you all.  Though you won’t see this on your local news programs or read about it in your Sunday paper, you should be updated on a story that this little blog has been covering better than all of the mainstream media combined.  We don’t celebrate that at Arizona Right to Win.  We’d hope that the mainstream media would join us and consider it newsworthy when a candidate for Congress in the United States of America is deliberately lying to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Arizona voters on a daily basis.

It has been confirmed that Vernon Parker’s autodialer which makes the knowingly false claim that Vernon Parker is “the only candidate in the race who opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants” is continuing.  Vernon Parker has built his career and reputation on special interest, affirmative action handouts.  He allegedly has attempted to defraud American taxpayers of $1.25 million by allegedly falsifying records related to his affirmative action application that allowed him preferential treatment to secure the funds.  In response to being caught, Vernon Parker has sued the taxpayers for an additional $2 million for the pain and suffering of being investigated by the feds for alleged falsification of records.  And, of course, Vernon Parker admittedly told a lie on FOX News when he claimed “I have been endorsed by Arizona’s largest Tea Party” when in fact he hadn’t been (and still hasn’t been) endorsed by ANY Tea Party.  He’s still promoting that lie on YouTube despite admitting it was a lie to a REAL Tea Party group when they raised objections.

Now, back to the autodialer.  Vernon Parker knows he is lying about maybe 8 of his 9 opponents by including the lie that he is the “only candidate in the race who opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.”  He actually apologized to some of his opponents for it before the last candidate forum.  Vernon Parker knows he’s lying.  But Vernon Parker has determined that if he has a chance of winning he must lie to as many voters as possible, as quickly as possible faster than he is found out for his lies.

We don’t need that kind of unethical, dishonest politician in Congress.  Ironically, that is what Tea Parties are trying to protect us from.  Please consider sharing this information with anyone and everyone in Arizona — and the media — so that voters can be informed of the truth and make an informed decision on Tuesday.

Now, back to your originally scheduled Sunday programming …

One thing is certain when you look at the spirited race in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.  It’s that three candidates of the insider establishment appear to be more of a three-ring circus than serious candidates for voters to consider.  Because each of the three to some extent has money, however, they can’t simply be ignored.  One can only hope that Arizona voters in the 3rd District, especially conservative ones, are wise to avoid any of the three on election day.

Ben Quayle is the first of the three and I don’t think anyone would honestly say they think he is a great candidate for Congress.  He’s only a candidate because his father is a former Vice President.  Ben Quayle is national Republican, Wall Street investment banker establishment candidate.  He’s also probably the “establishment candidate” of the North Scottsdale party set.  He’s got money, a huge staff, high paid consultants, lots of glitzy mail, slick TV ads and plenty more where that came from.  He’s as packaged a candidate as one could be.  Buy a house.  Get a wife.  Adopt a dog from the shelter.  Take pictures with other people’s kids on lap and talk about raising your family.  Beyond that he’s like a young version of Dan Quayle, except he apparently drinks more and isn’t as smart.  Late night talk show hosts and national Democrats are hoping that if it’s a Republican that its Quayle.  Quayle’s helping to create and contribute to a soft porn sex site will be great fuel for the Democrats and stand-up comedians.

The next ring in the circus in occupied by Steve Moak.  Steve Moak is playing the role of the tough-talking businessman.  “It’s time to bring some business sense to Washington” is Moak’s cry.  In many respects, we conservatives agree with that concept.  We want zero-based budgeting, real budget cuts and cost-benefit analyses.  All good.  What we don’t want are hardcore telemarketers who made millions calling grandma in the middle of dinner or before bed only to hang up and have her discover that her phone company was changed without her consent.

It was an awful and rampant practice 15+ years ago.  A lot of innocent people were victimized and people like Steve Moak made a killing.  Eventually, however, after enough people were ripped off, Congress stepped into the mix.  Basically, the Steve Moaks of the world needed an Act of Congress to stop them from ripping people off. Now Steve Moak wants to be in Congress?  Are you kidding me?  Congressmen are annoying enough without being telemarketers on top of it.

Steve Moak has another little problem related to a charity that he created.  It was all about helping kids.  No one can disagree with helping the kids, right?  Well, no one did. What people did object to when the facts became known was that Moak acquired a for-profit company and used his non-profit to drive business to his for-profit company. Basically he used his charity to make money for himself.  He promoted distribution of home drug-testing kits.  His for profit company made – you guessed it – home drug testing kits.  So, charitable donations were paid to his for profit company.  So if you donated to “help the kids,” Moak helped the kids by buying (from himself, for profit) home drug testing kits that he often sold to the families who needed them.  So when Moak’s family encountered this issue, Steve Moak didn’t just say “let’s help others with this same problem.”  No, Moak said “Let’s find a way to cash in on this and make some money.”

The problem with “businessmen” like Moak is that they push everything to the limits of the law if it benefits themselves.  They really don’t believe in transparency.  They are transparent to the extent that the SEC and FCC requires them to be transparent.  No more.  Congressmen like Moak push everything to the limits of the law if it benefits themselves.  That is not good for the Republican reputation, it’s not good for Arizona and it’s not good for America.  It’s precisely this kind of Congressman that caused the rise of Tea Parties — to fight insider deals and unprincipled Republicans more interested in cutting a deal than being committed to conservative principles.  It’s also troubling that Moak pandered to the Arizona Republic and essentially endorsed a radical program of amnesty for illegal immigrants in order to try to secure their endorsements.  If he can sacrifice principle on a deal like that now, rest assured he compromise on principles to cut other self-serving deals.

The third ring in the three-ring circus is shrinking but still occupied by Vernon Parker.  As we’ve discussed here before, Vernon Parker’s made his money taking advantage of affirmative action programs and helping others do so.  He’s increasingly become known as “Vernon the Victim” as voters have realized he’s willing to use his race to benefit himself with affirmative action loans, grants and contracts.  And if he’s criticized, he’s the first to play the race card in defense.

After stints as a government bureaucrat, Parker decided that his best opportunity for self-enrichment wasn’t creating a charity to help kids, he determined that he could get $1.25 million from the taxpayers if he could only qualify as a minority or disadvantaged small business.  Problem was that government bureaucrats aren’t allowed to benefit from that government program.  It appears from the facts and the conclusions reached by investigators that Parker violated the rules in applying for the affirmative action status that would have allowed him to acquire the $1.25 million because he was still a government bureaucrat.

The whole thing is a mess.  Vernon Parker has a huge dark legal cloud hanging over him. And it is unresolved.  In order to cover it all up, Parker filed a lawsuit seeing $2 million from the taxpayers for him in part for the future pain and suffering and doctor bills if the government continues to investigate his alleged violations of the law.  It’s a mess.  Even more of a mess when one considers that Parker claims to be against affirmative action.  When you look at Parker’s business, on its face, it appears to offer itself up in helping others cash in on affirmative action programs just like Vernon did.  Parker also brags about putting his 75-year-old retired grandma to work so he could attend Georgetown Law School.   As an adult and a college graduate, maybe that should have been time for Vernon to take care of his old, retired grandmother and gone to a state school.  Instead he cashed in and put her to work for him.  Not something most people would proudly brag about.

Parker has a serious legal cloud over him.  He unfairly accused Quayle of being a racist for using the term “poster boy” which was perhaps a bit of a reach.  He lied on FOX News about being endorsed by the state’s largest tea party when he was endorsed by no tea parties.  He also has an autodialer going out in the district claiming that “Vernon Parker is the only candidate that opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.” He knows that is 100% false but doesn’t care. He needs as many voters as possible to know his lies and depend upon them while they vote before discovering they based their decision on lies.  It’s a strange strategy.  Doesn’t evoke image of the forefathers but Parker has determined that the best chance he has to win is to lie to the voters as often as possible before Tuesday.

None of these candidates have distinguished themselves in any way to attract voters except for the most obvious ways.  Once you get past the politically-manufactured, ultra-thin veneer of each of the candidates, it’s not surprising that many want to run the other direction.  Neither of these candidates is a good option for Republicans and certainly not conservatives.  There are other candidates who are far more conservative than these candidates and with demonstrated records to prove it.  If you are a true conservative and conservative principles and finding someone who will put those before other considerations is important to you.  You should actively oppose Quayle, Moak and Parker and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

We have written frequently here about candidate Vernon Parker’s many shortcomings. Parker is running for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District and based upon the clear facts we do know is by far the most despicable candidate in the race.

We could lay out a lengthy treatise about how Vernon Parker has used affirmative action programs to line his pockets with enough taxpayer cash to build a house in Paradise Valley.  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker forced his aged and retired Grandmother to go to work and support him when he was an adult with a college degree.  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker was apparently caught with his hand in the cookie jar allegedly attempting to defraud the taxpayers to the tune of $1.25 million but we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker is trying to cover up his alleged fraud by filing a meaningless and superfluous lawsuit to obscure both his alleged fraud and his reliance upon affirmative action programs to enrich himself (while claiming to oppose affirmative action).  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker’s latest lawsuit attempts to swindle another $2 million from the taxpayers for his own personal bank account.  But we won’t.

We could talk about how Vernon Parker and his surrogates have attempted to spread rumors about other candidates repeatedly even deliberately when they had full knowledge that those rumors were false.  But we won’t.

Instead we are going to briefly outline two ways that Vernon Parker not only lied to hundreds of thousands of Republican voters in Arizona, but how he continues to perpetuate those lies on a daily basis.  It is absolutely, positively the campaign strategy of Vernon Parker, his media team and his political allies who say nothing about it or remain loyal to Vernon to lie as frequently as possible to Arizona voters.  That’s what Vernon has left. Vernon Parker believes that Arizona voters are idiots and he can degrade and dehumanize them with his lies and win.  I sure hope that he’s wrong.

One would be a fool to assume that Vernon  Parker’s rags to riches is story is true, mostly true, or true in part without fully investigating it themselves. When one demonstrates an habitual need and willingness to lie for ones own benefit on a grand scale, in public and over and over again, any reasonable person comes to the conclusion that everything such a person communicates should be assumed a lie, unless proven otherwise.

Here are Vernon Parker’s lies for tonight.  Funny thing is that in both instances, Vernon Parker admitted to very closed audiences that these were indeed untrue statements for which he was responsible.  He even whispered the “Aw shucks” meaningless apology.  It only makes more despicable of a character.  Vernon has built his life on special preference affirmative action programs and playing the race card if it ever suits his needs.  It’s people like Vernon Parker and Al Sharpton who use race illegitimately that really diminish outrage over genuine racist acts.  Each time they play the race card, they effectively spit on the grave of Emmett Till.  It delegitimizes genuine, despicable racist acts. It’s ironic that Vernon Parker’s first whopper of a public lie directly related to his campaign was in relation to bogus charges of racism leveled by the NAACP against the Tea Party movement.

Vernon took advantage and wrestled his way onto FOX News.  We should assume that he misrepresented himself to FOX News based on the fact of what he said on the air. Vernon Parker looked square into the camera, didn’t flinch and said proudly “I am endorsed by the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  Plain bold statement.  Absolute lie.  Later he admitted his “mistake” when confronted at an actual Tea Party meeting.  But Vernon Parker’s YouTube account still includes this lie (“mistake”) over a month after making the statement.  He is promoting the video.  He knows that the Arizona media is not particularly aggressive in reporting political news.  Vernon knows that the more people who believe his lie, the better off it is for him.  So he keeps the video up on YouTube and continues to promote it.  Every day he makes a conscious and deliberate decision to continue lying to Arizona voters.

Here’s lie number two.  Vernon Parker has an autodialer that went out weeks ago to perhaps hundreds of thousands of voters in his district.  Vernon’s autodialer included an absolute lie.  No doubt about it.  The autodialer said “Vernon Parker is the only candidate in the race who opposes amnesty.”  Vernon knows that’s a lie.  He sat at well over a dozen forums with his opponents and knows that at least 8 of the others strongly oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Vernon approved a deliberate, self-serving lie of his creation.  Vernon even apologized (off camera) to some of his political opponents before their last group forum together at Cox Communications.  Vernon was afraid one of them would bring it up on the stage.  So he glad-handed his way around talking to some of his opponents talking about the other “mistake” that was made.

But it was confirmed that just a few hours ago, voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District were still receiving those calls that included Vernon’s lies.  Vernon Parker still has those calls rolling out to Arizona voters.  Vernon Parker’s strategy is to lie to as many voters as possible because it may help him get elected and no one can effectively counter his lies as fast as he can spread them.  For a few pennies a person, Vernon can send thousands and thousands of autodialer phone calls out to voters repeating what he knows is a lie and what he deliberately chose to lie about because in Arizona, illegal immigration is the number one issue on the minds of voters.

At a certain point you have to look at supporters of Vernon Parker in light of these repeated lies,  and wonder when they own the lies themselves.  I can understand why some well-intentioned folks initially could have found Vernon Parker attractive on paper.  But as Vernon has revealed himself as a person with very little content in his character, it is incumbent upon good people to stand up and say “How dare you Mr. Parker!  I believed in you.  I donated time for you.  I defended you.  I spoke up for you!  And in return, you made me look or at least feel like an idiot for supporting such a dishonest, dishonorable character.”  That’s what they should do.  I’m sure some have.  Good for them.  But the reality is simply that Vernon Parker doesn’t care about any of those people, honor or integrity. He cares only about Vernon Parker and lying, cheating and stealing as much as he can to benefit Vernon Parker.

Ben Quayle’s lack of significant life experience has been well-documented across the board as his family attempts to buy the young man a Congressional seat in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.  Money can help one overcome a lot.  It certainly did a lot for Dan Quayle.  Young Ben Quayle endured a recent scandal when it was revealed that he apparently helped create and promote a sexually charged, racy website that is highly demeaning to women.  You’ve read about that here.  It’s not hardcore pornography.  It’s just TMZ-on-crack online.  It’s like a cheesy online Maxim or Stuff magazine targeting shallow young men (and the women that love them).  More importantly, much has also been made about Quayle’s making one claim about it, admitting his earlier claim wasn’t entirely accurate, changing his story, changing his story yet again, and then trotting out a public relations pro to parse words and play the Bill Clinton “that depends upon what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

Quayle’s lack of voting experience in Arizona primaries, his barely having lived in Arizona and his securing a house in the district, a pretty wife and a dog (from the shelter which the campaign promotes and makes you think they focus-grouped before going in the shelter direction) and most disturbingly posing for pictures with kids on his lap pretending they are his was troubling.  Those things bear similarity to Hillary buying a house in Westchester County, throwing a Yankees hat on her head and saying “It’s great to be back in New York and I want your vote.”

All of those things are disturbing and admittedly making Arizona the subject of laughter and ridicule across the country.  Comedians, bloggers and all others outside of Arizona (and throughout much of our 3rd District) seem to think it’s absurd that a young Quayle can run and win a seat based on nothing but a name and whole lot of money.  The Quayle name isn’t exactly a name that evokes thoughts of great-minded leaders.

Disturbingly, it has been reported in other blogs that the Quayle family may have made millions of dollars (or avoided losing millions of dollars) through the federal government’s bailout of Chrysler.  Some have criticized the Quayle campaign for raising nearly $50,000 from those who arguably benefitted from the bailout.  I’ll be honest, the Quayle family is extremely wealthy.  And they did have a significant stake in a firm that owned a big piece of Chrysler the best I can understand.  How many millions they might have earned will have to be researched by the Democrats should Quayle buy his way through the primary.  Rest assured the Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to face Quayle.  He gives them the best chance to pick up a seat in a Republican District in a Republican year.  It’s because he’s a bad candidate, he’s absurdly unqualified and his name will be a serious detriment and not an asset outside the most conservative, partisan of circles.

What I find most disturbing is Quayle’s less that pure pro-life position.  I know once this post is published, I’ll be buried by Quayle kids screaming about what it says about being pro-life on Ben’s website.  None of that is what I’m referencing.  And of course, the politician’s website lays it out the way he wants.  What disturbs me is that Ben couldn’t answer three specific questions in a very well-respected survey from a socially conservative group in Arizona.

quayleb (1)

It’s easy for a DC politician to avoid answering questions.  Or to not really answer the questions and provide only a self-serving answer that affords plausible deniability in the event one is challenged.  That’s what Ben did in this survey.  He couldn’t answer “YES” or “NO” like the other candidates did.  He gave his own slick answers.  Just like his public relations man was trotted out to parse answers when Ben denied having posted on the racy website.  His PR man explained that Ben had not lied.  He said that Ben claimed to have not written on which he had not.  When Ben wrote under the name of a fictional porn star, he actually wrote for so there is no lying or misrepresentation.  That’s nonsense.  And offensive to voters.  But money can overcome a lot.

One of Quayle’s opponents famously referred to him as “Hillary Lite” in the media because like Hillary he was trying to move to a different state and buy himself a seat in Congress.  But, he got the “Lite” portion of the nickname because at least Hillary had some policy experience, had worked on Capitol Hill as legal counsel to the Watergate committee, started a law firm, served as First Lady in Arkansas and in Washington, while Ben had none of those credentials or anything close.

I clearly understand the “Hillary Lite” reference and find it to be quite accurate, but there is a serious argument to be made that Ben is actually more like Bill in his parsing of words, avoidance of candor and desire to explain his way out of a mess of his own making.  In both cases, you wish they never created the mess.  But in both Bill Clinton’s case(s) and Ben Quayle’s you wish they could just be honest and not wiggle their way out of accountability.

And when you go back to the survey, you wonder why Ben could not say he opposes embryonic stem cell research.  He refused to say that he opposes it.  He signed it.  Why I have no idea.  It would be a lot easier to just check the “NO” box but the “NO” didn’t work for Ben.   His DC consultant answer is “oppose federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.”  And for a pro-lifer that should mean little.  If you allow embryonic stem cell research,  you also potentially create a market for aborted fetuses and one step further you create a market for deliberate pregnancies for the purpose of securing embryonic stem cells.  Basically if you’re pro-life, you view this as creating a market for dead babies and a market for dead baby parts.

I’m not going to debate the merits of his position.  I’m just troubled that he couldn’t answer.  And he couldn’t answer the same-sex marriage question or the question providing a choice between fair or flat tax.  That’s NOT a good sign.  Frankly, the young man is absolutely unqualified to even be a candidate.  He’s only a candidate because of his father’s name and his father’s money.  Let’s hope Arizona doesn’t become the laughingstock of America.  Right now America is standing up to defend Arizona on immigration issues in our battle with the Obama administration.  Doesn’t nominating Ben Quayle sort of hurt our credibility?  I would think so.

The mudslinging in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District continues with millionaire telemarketer Steve Moak turning his sights on his opponents and beginning his attacks in an effort to distract attention from the latest revelations about his record.  If you listened to Moak on the campaign trail or read the glitzy mailers the millionaire telemarketer is sending throughout the district, you’d believe that Moak intends to apply his business experience in Washington.  The closer one looks at Moak’s record, the more one realizes that it’s not such a good thing.

First, Moak is a telemarketer.  He made his millions of dollars calling you, your parents and your grandma during dinner.  Aren’t Congressmen annoying enough without being telemarketers?  If you are fortunate enough to live in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, you are being bombarded by phone calls encouraging you to vote for Moak. Think those calls are coming from hardworking volunteers who are committed to the Moak wave sweeping the nation?  Think again.

Moak has made millions with call centers all over America (and jobs he no doubt outsourced) who are masters at getting you on the line, holding you on the line, manipulating you and getting you to act in a manner that works for them to get what they want. According to what others have published, employees at those call centers are being forced to sign non-disclosure statements so they are not allowed to tell you, tell the media or tell anyone what they are being told to do on behalf of Steve Moak.  Not a good sign of what Congressman Moak would be.

Moak needs to familiarize himself with the concept of transparency.  Conservatives across America are rightfully demanding openness about what government is doing with our tax dollars.  Businesses disclose as little as possible, only what they are required to share by law.  Moak should understand that as conservative voters we are interested in honesty and openness from our candidates.  Vernon Parker’s campaign imploded because he lost all credibility by repeatedly lying to Arizona voters (and is still now lying to them as he promotes his admittedly false YouTube ad online).

What Moak needs to understand is that we don’t want another Vernon Parker and we don’t want to be pestered with his phone calls.  We certainly don’t want to be called on our cellphones and we’d like to know who is being paid to make these calls.  Do these callers even live in Arizona or the 3rd District?  If not, are they at least Moak supporters? Or are they employees of Moak’s telemarketing firms being forced to sign non-disclosure statements and make calls on behalf of the boss (or risk their jobs)?  Do they disclose that they are not actual supporters in the call or do they lie to the voters who answer? Most conservatives are very much in favor of government being run more like a business in many ways.  We want accountability for where our dollars are spent. But what Moak doesn’t understand is that in the “government as business” model, he doesn’t get to be “the boss” as a Congressmen.    His ego won’t afford him the opportunity to “get it.”  No Mr. Moak, you are applying to work for us.

A secondary concern about paid telemarketers in call centers across America and maybe even outside the country making calls on behalf of Moak is the legality.  Moak is required by law to pay the full going rate for those calls.  He is not allowed to take corporate contribution in the form of dollars or in the form of anything of value.  If Moak is forcing employees of his own company to make those calls against their will and sign non-disclosure statements without full disclosure in his campaign finance reports, he’s violating the laws found under the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

If friends in the industry are making those calls for free or at a discount on behalf of Moak, and it’s not fully disclosed, it would also violate the law.  And when one gets to the question of how Moak is calling cellphone numbers (which is incredibly annoying to a lot of people) a whole different situation arises.  The voter file available as a public document often contains numbers or can easily be cross-referenced with phone records to match up with your own home phone number.  Such is not usually the case for cellphone records.  Moak and his industry allies own telemarketing firms.  Those firms have lists.  If he is using those lists, not paying the full cost (for example what he would charge his opponents to use the same list) and not fully disclosing that in his FEC reports, he is once again, violating the law.  Not a stellar list of unanswered question as the apparently very sloppy businessman becomes an all too typical politician.

Beyond the legality or ethical concerns of Moak using paid telemarketers across the country to pose as Moak supporters and bother you during dinner, is Moak’s business activities in past years and his alleged involvement in “slamming” activities that became prevalent in the telemarketing industry, eventually leading to an Act of the very Congress that Moak wants to join.  If you don’t remember or you’re too young, here is what drove the revenues for businesses like Moak’s.  You, mom and dad or grandma would get a call during dinner or some other inappropriate time of the day.  You’d be kept on the line for a minute or so answering annoying questions and trying to politely get off the call.  You’d finally hang up and be glad it was over. Then you’d find out later that your phone company was switched to MCI or another company and you never approved such a change. Lots of senior citizens kept paying bills and didn’t even realize their company was changed.  More money for Moak.

Moak was a “slammer” and slammers did whatever they could took to make money. They pushed their actions to the very limits of the law, with no concern for ethics or morality.  Eventually the public relations disaster and revelations drove MCI out of business.  The bottom line is that we shouldn’t need an Act of Congress to have stop Moak from being ethical.  Moak “the businessman” went to the full limits of the law, regardless of honesty or ethics, to benefit himself.   It would be absurd to assume Moak “the Congressman” will be any different.  Fool my once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

We haven’t seen the mainstream media even report on Moak’s business activities, much less investigate them fully and provide information to the voters necessary for them to make an informed decision.  So here it is.  Voters deserve to know the truth.

Lastly, Moak has abused not-for-profit laws to benefit whom?  You guessed it to benefit Moak himself.  After a couple of his children apparently experienced unfortunate problems related to drugs, Moak founded a charity to help families like his. His “NotMyKid” charity would seem to be a laudable pursuit.  What Moak failed to disclose was that his charity was engaged in “donating” home drug tests and encouraging parents to regularly test their kids for drugs and advocating such an approach.  However, what Moak failed to fully disclose and where his real charitable ends become more clear, was that Moak purchased a for-profit Company from which he bought the at-home drug kits which were donated – and in many cases sold through his charity website – to families.  So your charitable donation to Moak’s charity allowed him to use your contribution to purchase drug test kits from his own for profit company and pocket the profits himself.  And he encouraged suffering families to buy his not-for-profit’s drug-testing kits.

Is this the kind of “businessman” we need more of in Congress?  Many of us on the right and in the Tea Party movement tend to think that this is the problem with Congress, not the solution.  There is a reason no Tea Party has ever or would ever make an informed decision to support someone like Moak.  As Tea Party activists, we must stand up and oppose the Steve Moaks of the world.  We don’t just need Republicans.  We’ve seen them fail before. We are sick of government benefitting at the expense of taxpayers, we’re sick and tired of big business, corporate welfare and taxpayer-funded bailouts and back room deals with Congressmen helping fat cat businessmen.  Moak is what’s wrong with Washington and what’s wrong with the Republican Party, he is what the Tea Party was created to fight.

Playing off a marketing campaign of the milk industry, Steve Moak likes to use the catch phrase “Got Moak?”  Be forewarned:  Next time you see “Got Moak?” you should understand that Moak went sour long ago.

Vernon Parker’s true character, or lack thereof, is finally being revealed to Arizona voters just days before the election is completed.  He’s been exposed for having an entitlement mentality with a willingness to do or say anything to benefit himself and get away with as much as possible.  It would be unreasonable to expect him to change if he gets elected to Congress.  Thankfully, his lies and misdeeds are being exposed again and again and his campaign is imploding.  Arizona voters are not idiots.

All along, Parker has done nothing more than game the system.  He has been nothing more than a public relations project.  A creation.  Fortunately, the truth is being revealed before voters in Arizona’s 3rd District make a final decision.  One of the little stories he tells about his upbringing in voter forums is how his 75-year-old, tired, retired grandmother had to go back to work cleaning other people’s houses so he could go to Georgetown.  And this is a character trait we should admire?  I think as a college graduate and grown adult he should have been responsible for himself and been taking care of his grandmother.  Fundamentally flawed person, right there.

Let’s look at some of Vernon’s more recent lapses in character and veracity for the truth:

Vernon lied to the voters on FOX News national broadcasts that played all day long. When the NAACP idiotically criticized the Tea Party movement as racist, Vernon and his PR team saw their opportunity. They pitched an appearance on FOX.  “We’ve got the perfect guest for you!”

Vernon looked straight into the camera … right into the eyes of Arizona voters and conservatives across America watching and said without hesitating “I have been endorsed by the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  It was seen over and over again all day long by millions of Republicans and millions of conservative voters who support the Tea Party movement.  Vernon shared it on Facebook.  He shared it on Twitter.  So every Arizona 3rd District voter possible could hear the claim.

But it was a lie.  Vernon lied.  He has not been endorsed by any Tea Party, much less the largest Tea Party.  At first they ignored it.  Good, but totally unethical and dishonest, PR strategy.  Let everyone hear the lie.  Ignore criticism or claims that it is a lie for as long as possible.  Just keep moving forward and spreading it as far and wide as possible before it’s seriously challenged.  And in this race-sensitive world, his PR team knew that they could get pretty far before anyone would ever have the guts to say “Hey, I don’t care if Vernon’s black or not.  It’s not racist to tell the world he lied.  Voters deserve to know the truth.”  The one who had the guts to do it was Pamela Gorman, his opponent in Arizona’s 3rd District.  I guess it’s easy to understand why Gorman is the only actual Tea Party endorsed candidate in Arizona’s 3rd District.

Gorman’s attempts to interest the media or others in the Tea Parties (who know the truth) to come out and discuss this brazen lie took a while to resonate. And, Vernon’s PR machine kept spreading the lie as far and wide as they could.  Then, after receiving maximum benefit, Parker’s team determined that he could apologize in as a small a way as possible.  So recently, Vernon admitted that he lied.  He appeared at a North Phoenix Tea Party meeting and was criticized heavily by REAL Tea Party folks.  He didn’t say “I lied,” of course.  What a politician.  It’s like Bill Clinton all over again. He “admitted he made a mistake” but never really owned up to it.

When he was asked if he would refute what he said and retract it, he said “Will you pay for it?  I don’t have any money to run ads retracting it.”  Very remorseful (not). The smart tea party woman replied “It doesn’t cost any money to issue a press release.”  Vernon was unmoved.  He hasn’t issued a press release.  No one is perfect. But Vernon feels a sense of entitlement, repeatedly breaks the rules and has an “I’ll get away with as much as I possibly can and benefit as much as possible” attitude. He’s what’s wrong with Washington all too often, not what we need more of there.

I’ll let you in on a more shocking aspect of this story.  Vernon apologized at North Valley Tea Party five days ago (at the time of this writing), but his YouTube page STILL has his video posted right now at 6 PM Arizona time on Friday, August 13. Nearly a week after his “apology” and a lie described as a “mistake.”  Dear Mr. Parker, it costs nothing to simply take down a video clip from your own YouTube account!  It requires about 90 seconds of his precious time.  But, he has chosen to continue lying to District 3 voters.  Expect him to lie right up until election day (and beyond, if he wins).

The next lie plays out in the same way.  The Parker strategy: Lie about something important to as many of the voters as humanly possible.  Let the self-serving lie be disseminated to as many voters as possible.  The man seems to have absolutely no regard for voters.  Vernon Parker did an autodialer presumably to hundreds of thousands of voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.  In the autodialer was an absolute, out-and-out lie.  It stated “Vernon Parker is the ONLY candidate in Arizona’s 3rd District that opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.”  And at the end, he is heard confirming, “this message is authorized and paid for by Vernon Parker for Congress.”  I’ve heard it.

Once again, leading the way, Pamela Gorman began hitting the airwaves and talking to media about the lie in Parker’s autodialer.  More recently, Sam Crump drew attention to it.  According to several reliable sources, at yesterday’s candidate forum at Cox Communications, Bob Branch, Gorman, Crump, Ed Winkler all were talking about Vernon’s lies about their records.  They’ve all come to expect Vernon to lie about his own story and accomplishments, but lying to Arizona voters about THEIR position on this important issue to those voters is another story all together.

Vernon Parker has never lifted a finger to help manage the illegal immigration problem in Arizona.  Gorman, Crump and Jim Waring were all cosponsors of SB 1070.  Gorman’s campaign is even supported by Senator Russell Pearce the author of SB 1070 with whom she has crafted legislation designed to address this issue for years.  Gorman and Pearce will be speaking at the Tea Party Rally at the Arizona-Mexico border on Sunday.

Based on the FOX News lie and the fact that the lie is STILL up on Vernon’s YouTube site, the smart money says that Vernon’s dishonest autodialer is still be being heard by thousands of voters day after day after day.  Vernon Parker will lie to voters repeatedly if it helps Vernon Parker.  The question is will voters let Vernon Parker know that fighting politicians like him is the very reason Tea Parties were created? Sorry, Vernon.  Arizona voters aren’t idiots.

The luster of young Ben Quayle is fading fast as his carefully applied coats of image enhancement wear thin under the pressure of the last two weeks of the primary.  Just in the last 24 hours, it’s been discovered that he apparently doesn’t respect the lives of babies or women, at least that is what we can expect the representation to be by the many qualified candidates with far greater experience.
But will they be totally wrong on this one? First, there is the problem he faces with the questionnaire he filled out, wrote further explanation in, refused to give straight answers on, and then SIGNED.  On June 7, Ben Quayle sent in his Center for Arizona Policy survey (they are a socially conservative watchdog group in AZ that distributes the raw answers on their surveys to socially conservative voters).  Only problem is, there are three questions without either a “support” or “oppose” circled.  A closer look at the organizations site reveals a scanned image of his actual survey answers… and his well-spun-but-still-damning answers on these core social issues.  (
Quayle can’t say he supports a prohibition against Embryonic Stem Cell research. RED FLAG, pro-life voters!  This is a huge departure from your position.  The creation of a demand for aborted babies in the research industry is sick and NO pro-life person wants to live in a country where babies dead bodies become a commodity to be bought and sold, much less the obvious next step where young women are enticed to help “produce” babies for their ultimate destruction in order to harvest their brain stem cells.  He didn’t answer this question but wrote in that he would not support federal money going toward this research.  Well, whoop-de-do!  So, if private entities kill babies, it is ok?  That Arizona Right to Life somehow missed this when they listed him, as someone who claims to hold pro-life positions, is astounding (they did NOT endorse him, to be clear)!
This is “out there” in  his own writing with a signature under it for all the world to see.  And, for the out of area readers, you should know that The Center For Arizona Policy is no wallflower organization.  They are the clear “go to” group on all things social conservative in terms of both policy positions and for socially conservative media commentary.  Another time, we’ll consider if there were healthy contributions to Arizona Right to Life that might have caused them to give Ben Quayle a waiver for his clearly pro-abortion position on this key issue.  Heaven knows the Quayle family has sprinkled money everywhere else in the state and in DC to help this young chap.
The other two issues he can’t firmly support in his CAP Voter Guide responses are surprising, also.  He doesn’t support the Marriage Amendment, defining marriage between one man and one woman in one missing answer.  And in the other, he doesn’t affirm that he supports either the flat tax or fair tax.
On top of his woes that he has brought on himself with his responses to this socially conservative voter guide, Quayle was “outed” today for writing under a pseudonym for an adult oriented website that celebrates all things debauchery and particularly enjoys the objectification of women.  The name he wrote under was the character name of a porn star in a movie.  He wrote about trying to get with the hottest chick he could find in North Scottsdale.  Nice.  The site is known for snapping pictures of women (yes, those would be private American citizens) and then posting them on the site where the “guys” then make unflattering comments or celebrate their artificial enhancements in their tight clothing.  Again, nice.
No parent of a daughter or brother of a sister or son of a mother, should support this creep.  And certainly, no self-respecting female voter should cast a vote for him. He has shown you what he really thinks about the fairer gender and you can anticipate that same amount of respect if he is elected to office.  Details of this were posted all over the web the last two days, but here is a link to one that gives a pretty darn good and exhaustive evaluation  of the scandal – at least chapter one.
So, today, after months of careful spin and artful crafting of Ben Quayle’s public persona that has left many asking, “Who is Ben Quayle?” We finally have an answer. He is a womanizing, woman slandering, baby hating double-talker who won’t take a position on gay marriage or fiscal issues like the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax.  And to think we knew none of this until today.  Wonder how many early ballot voters want those ballots back now?!  Well, they will if the Quayle camp can’t buy their way to freedom on all of this quickly.  The lesson?  Money can’t buy you love, and it can’t buy you character.

Vernon Parker has been the subject of a couple of blog posts in Arizona Right to Win.  The more one looks into Vernon’s actions, the more one realizes that you could almost have a blog dedicated to Vernon Parker’s serious character flaws that should dissuade any serious person (of any ideology) and certainly any conservative from voting for Vernon Parker for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.  In just the short time Arizona voters have gotten to know Vernon Parker, he has literally lied and misrepresented himself and the truth in so many different ways that one must seriously question anything and everything he claims about himself and wonder if any or some of it is even true.

Before going back to the most recent stories that ultimately were covered by the Arizona Republic, the Sonoran News and Arizona Right to Win, let’s look at a few things that happened since those stories were finally brought out into the open.  Well, for starters, Vernon Parker went on FOX News nationally and not only lied to all the voters of Arizona, he lied to the entire country.  Vernon went on FOX News and claimed he was “endorsed by the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  Well, there is a little problem with that claim.  Vernon Parker as of this writing (and certainly at the time he made the claim on FOX News) has NEVER been endorsed by ANY Arizona Tea Party, much less “the largest Tea Party in Arizona.”  Rest assured he’s got his people scrambling to offer anything and everything to find him a Tea Party endorsement, but it hasn’t happened yet and he’ll still be liar even if they are eventually successful in bartering an endorsement or threatening one (which is what this campaign does with those perceived to be threats to them politically).

It goes beyond a misstatement and beyond and “oops, I slipped up” comment to tell an outright total and complete lie on national TV.  One honestly must be flabbergasted by the idea that a human being can run for office and make up a total and complete lie and tell it on national TV and somehow think that’s okay.  It must make you wonder about the veracity of anything and everything Vernon Parker has ever said in this campaign or his life.  If you’ve wondered why Vernon read from notecards talking about his life at forum after forum after forum, at this point one can’t be a serious person without wondering if the whole story or parts of it are a total fabrication.

That’s just the beginning.  In a recorded autodialer that has been making the rounds in the cyber universe, that was done on behalf of Vernon, includes another total and complete fabrication (not a misstatement).  The autodialer says “Vernon Parker is the only candidate that opposes amnesty” in the race.  And at the end, you guessed it, this message was authorized and paid for by Vernon Parker for Congress.  If you haven’t heard it yet, you’ll probably get in your email because its making the rounds.

Well, Vernon lied.  Only one of the ten candidates has clearly come out in favor of amnesty and that was when Steve Moak supported amnesty in a recorded interview with the Arizona Republica while trying to secure the paper’s endorsement.  Since he didn’t get the endorsement, even Moak has changed his tune and claiming to have always opposed amnesty, but his prior position was caught on tape.

Bottom line is that Vernon Parker’s autodialer indicated that he was the only candidate who opposed amnesty when there may be as many as NINE candidates in the race who oppose amnesty and a tenth who says he does now (but supported it earlier).  Russell Pearce, the author of SB 1070 is supporting two candidates in this race, neither of whom is named Parker.  Senator Pearce is a staunch opponent of amnesty and you can rest assured that the candidates he’s supporting in the race oppose it as well.  On that basis alone, it’s shameful that Vernon Parker has chosen to spread lies about all of his opponents and he owes them (and Russell Pearce) an apology.

What are some of the other whoppers in Vernon’s life? Well, I guess a pretty big one was when Vernon allegedly lied on his application for special (affirmative action) status as a disadvantaged or minority business classification that would move him to the front of the line before others to get a $1.25 million government handout.  Vernon said he wasn’t an employee of the government when he applied.  But he still collected a paycheck and benefits for many months after applying.  The simple fact of the matter is that any objective look at Vernon’s character reveals a willingness to lie if it serves his self-interest and there were 1,25o,ooo ways that lie would have served Vernon’s self-interest.

And the debate over this particular lie is actually used to benefit Parker by obscuring the real question:  Why was Vernon Parker applying for special disadvantaged or minority status to move other more capable an experienced candidates aside so that he could access $1.25 million in taxpayer dollars?  If he were running as a liberal Democrat in Philadelphia, it would be par for the course.  But you can’t say you’re a conservative and oppose affirmative action when you used it yourself to cash in and get rich.  And when Vernon got investigated for his alleged misdeeds, he now has sued the government in an effort to secure an additional $2 million in taxpayer money for his trouble.  That says it all.

Vernon’s bread  and butter is being the victim.  He’s used it to get ahead and get rich. And he’s using it to obscure his lies by claiming victim status again and asking for $2 million more from the taxpayers.  And he’s playing the victim to try to win votes.  But Vernon is no victim.  He’s actually been and continues to be the victimizer of the taxpayers.  Vernon has still never answered fundamental questions.  Did you apply AT ALL for special status as a minority or disadvantaged business with the Small Business Administration?  Yes or No?  Did you ever secure taxpayer dollars (and how much and can you document all received) as a result of that status?  Yes or No?  Did you ever secure taxpayer dollars in any other way (how much and will you document it)?  Have you ever helped others acquire that very status for their businesses?  Yes or No?  Have you ever assisted others to receive government contracts or grants or loans?  Yes or No? Vernon has never answered these questions and let’s face it, our media here generally doesn’t trouble themselves too much with extra work or questions.  That’s what allows candidates like Parker to even get this far.  If proper media scrutiny were paid to these issues, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Vernon Parker has been caught lying again and again.  And his campaign, by far, has been the dirtiest, sleaziest operation of any of the 10 in Arizona’s 3rd District.  He spread rumors about one candidate being in rehab without owning the comment or offering any proof or substantiation.  He and his operatives spread stories about other candidates (yes, that is plural) that were deeply offensive and damaging and totally unsubstantiated and untrue.  No care to them because all were to benefit Vernon.  And Vernon claims to have served as a substitute Pastor for two years at a church.  Did he, really?  That is a darn scary thought, but on behalf of the possible flock attending, we can take some solace in knowing it’s very possibly completely fabricated or at least totally exaggerated.

There is one dangerous and reckless supporter of Vernon’s that goes around town actually making the absurd claim that Vernon’s already been vetted by the FBI so he’s the only candidate who could win the primary who will have no dirt on him.  No statement could be more untrue or more idiotic.  Some people say this lady wears a sequined hat in order to keep the space aliens from eating her brain matter.  If that were true, we’d have to say that she must have slept with her hat off because they seem to have gotten some.  Vernon is the subject of an investigation.  Vernon may have seriously violated the law.  Vernon has now counter-sued and assuming the litigation continues, we will learn a lot more about Vernon and what went on before this issue is resolved.  Vernon has lied on national TV with a straight face.  Vernon has spread absolute and total lies in his autodialers.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no candidate in this race with more ethical baggage and political vulnerability than Vernon Parker.  If you are a Republican and a true conservative, unless you are Vernon Parker’s mother or his wife, it would be the height of extreme irresponsibility to vote for this deeply flawed man.  Vernon Parker’s absolute lack of character disqualifies him from this position.  He’s made a career and a lucrative one playing the victim, taking advantage of affirmative action laws (that NOW he claims to oppose) and telling absolute lies and falsehoods for the sole purpose of benefitting himself personally.  There are some who are not qualified to win the 3rd District seat because they lack knowledge or experience in the political arena.  Vernon Parker is the sole candidate that lacks the ethics, character and integrity to be considered in this race.

Last week, Arizona Right to Win reported exclusively that millionaire telemarketer Steve Moak indicated his strong support for the DREAM Act in an interview with the Arizona Republic.  Moak is a candidate for the Republican nod in the 3rd Congressional District and distinguished himself from at least the other four candidates participating in the interview by indicating his support for the Act which would provide the largest grant of amnesty for illegal immigrants in our nation’s recent history.

What Moak needs to understand is that amnesty is not the answer for this country’s problems related to illegal immigration.  In fact, the massive amnesty program that Moak indicated he supports would only encourage more persons to cross the border illegally (knowing they can get amnesty once they’ve gotten here and been undetected for a time).  Moak took the bold (I’m being sarcastic) step of agreeing that the federal government must secure its southern border with Mexico.  In finally stepping up to the table on this issue, Moak joined all nine of his Republican opponents and a heck of a lot of other people in agreeing to that minimalist position.  Even Hillary Clinton has indicated that the border should be secured.  It can be confirmed that Moak also claims to be opposed to amnesty on his website.  Very convenient for a politician.  Unfortunately, he was caught on tape, however.

Now, the kicker, last night on a TV interview, millionaire telemarketer Moak emphatically denied that he supports the DREAM Act.  Listen voters, Steve Moak has a deal for you!  Sorry to interrupt you dinner, but can you please just answer one question for me?  Do you like being a winner?  You do?  Well, we’ve got a winner of an opportunity for you!  And now … back to reality.  Maybe in addition to being a naturalized citizen we should get amend the Constitution to prohibit telemarketers from running for office.

We are attempting to secure a tape of Moak’s comments on the TV interview from last night, but according to third parties who have seen the appearance (admittedly it would be excluded as hearsay in a courtroom … but this isn’t a courtroom) indicated that Moak actually went as far as to indicate that the report in this blog was a “lie.”  Now that is where you have serious problems, Mr. Moak.  Were you hibernating during Watergate? Did you study it in Kentucky or did you miss class on that day?  The “takeaway” from Watergate was that yes, it was bad that Republican operatives broke into the offices of the Democratic Party at the Watergate Hotel.  But the real problem for President Nixon came when he lied about it.  Again and again and again.  And attempted to cover up information about the break-in, the lies and how the administration covered up the entire mess.

Politicians NEVER seem to learn that fundamental message.  Steve Moak, stop lying to the voters.  Either explain why you believe the DREAM Act is something you support or explain that you messed up when you answered, you subsequently lied about it and move on.  Do you not realize that four of your opponents were in the room with you when you indicated support for the DREAM Act?  Do you not realize that the Arizona Republic recorded the interview?  Would you call on them to immediately release the full tape of the interview or at least the portion related to them asking about the DREAM Act?  Are you suggesting that the four opponents, if they confirm the reports here, are liars?  Your comments are reckless, irresponsible and self-serving.  Time to honestly acknowledge what you’ve said and done so far.  If you think you’ve been misrepresented, stop the puffery and get the unedited version of the tape released.

You’ve spent a lot of money.  You’ve taken a trip to the border and taken ominous photos of you looking forlorn and concerned with binoculars.  But you’ve avoided serious discussion of amnesty until now.  You’ve avoided it until it was revealed publicly that you expressed your support for the DREAM Act in an interview that was recorded by the state’s largest newspaper and witnessed by several of their employees and four of your opponents.  Now, not only are you on record with the Arizona Republic supporting the DREAM Act (which your Democratic opponent may skewer you with should you win the GOP nomination) but you’re now in a worse position because you are on record with the Arizona Republic lying about your support for the DREAM Act.

It’s time to come clean.  Admit that you lied.  And admit that you indicated support for the DREAM Act massive grant of amnesty to illegal immigrants in your interview.  And admit that you went on TV yesterday and lied about having done so.  And admit that you hoped no one would notice, find out or care that you expressed your support for the DREAM Act.  And then either admit that you changed your position and that you were in favor of amnesty until you learned people don’t like it, so now you’re opposed.  Or admit that you had no idea what the DREAM Act was and you simply made up an answer.  Based upon what we’ve seen at most of the other forums, it certainly would be believable that you hadn’t a clue what the DREAM Act was and you simply made up an answer.  Glitzy mail brochures look impressive.  Being honest with the voters is impressive.  You’ve got time to correct your mistake.