Giffords, Kirkpatrick and Mitchell Abandon Arizona Constituents

July 8, 2010

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have declared legal war on Arizona.  Surely, Republican Presidents have failed to solve our border problems in the past, but none have gone to the lengths of this left-wing administration to disabuse Arizona’s law-abiding citizens.  Ironically, the President and his Attorney General have declared legal and rhetorical war on Arizona, despite the blinding loyalty of Arizona’s Congressional Democrats including Gabrielle Giffords (D-08), Ann Kirkpatrick (D-01) and Harry Mitchell (D-05) to the entire Obama-Pelosi agenda.  Those three vulnerable Democrats chose loyalty to President Obama and what he can do to benefit them politically as a priority over the interests of Arizona’s citizenry which overwhelmingly opposed the federal takeover of healthcare and the myriad of negative consequences that came with it.

Giffords, Kirkpatrick and Mitchell made a choice.  It was undoubtedly both an ideological calculation (these three are leftists outside the mainstream of Arizona political thought) and also it was self-serving politics and choosing to be loyal to and grovel at the feet of our leftist President.  Arizona residents opposed Obamacare.  Overwhelmingly, we oppose most of the effort of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama to model America after increasingly bankrupt European Socialist democracies.  But these three Democrats chose loyalty to the Democratic Party and loyalty to Barack Obama over loyalty to their constituents and loyalty to Arizona.  They assumed the political rewards and efforts of President Obama and Vice President Biden to raise them campaign cash was greater than the political costs of abandoning Arizona.

And what did they get for their loyalty?  They got their Democratic President and his administration and Attorney General and his Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano to demonize over 70% of Arizonans (Republicans, independents, Democrats and all types of people) who support the state’s effort to codify federal law into state statute and address the problems of illegal immigration in Arizona.  Even many opponents of the new law would not support the US Government filing suit against the State of Arizona.  This administration, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Attorney General Holder, Secretary of State Clinton and Homeland Security Chief Napolitano have for weeks rhetorically spat in the faces of all Arizonans who support this law and even those who might take issue with the law but are united in calling on our federal government to fulfill their responsibility in securing America’s southern border.   Those leaders even took the side of Mexican President Filipe Calderon when he came to America, to our government and specifically attacked a sovereign American state.

As SB 1070 co-author Senator Pamela Gorman weighed in yesterday.  “President Obama is looking more and more like nothing but a common bully,” said Gorman. “We don’t fear bullies in Arizona in case he hadn’t noticed.”  Well, that’s true except for Giffords, Kirkpatrick and Mitchell.  Gorman has it right.  But, by choosing to put loyalty to the bullying Obama administration and the radical agenda of Nancy Pelosi before the interests of Arizona, these three turncoats in Arizona’s Congressional delegation — Gabrielle Giffords, Ann Kirkpatrick and Harry Mitchell — own this lawsuit.  They must accept responsibility for this attack on Arizona as they chose their loyalty to President Obama instead of Arizona citizens.

As voters, we must never forget.  And as voters, please stand strong, spread the word and let Giffords, Kirkpatrick and Mitchell know that when the die was cast with the United States government against the sovereign state of Arizona, they stood with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and against the state and people of Arizona.  They will face the consequences of their choice at the ballot box.


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