2 Responses to “Conservatives Beware of Vernon Parker and Paulina Morris in AZ03”

  1. Nathan said

    Let me start by saying that I am a serious conservative (as evidence of this I’ll tell you that I voted for Alan Keyes a couple of times, I left the GOP over its failure to adhere to conservative principles, etc…) I will also say that after doing a great deal of research I have decided to support Mr. Parker. Why? You ask? Because after hearing him speak, I questioned him at length about his positions and background. I did the same with a number of candidates – and he gave me by far the most direct and unapologetically conservative answers. I then did a good bit of research on his background, previous employment, and political history. After all of this (and a similar evaluation of a number of other candidates) I have to challenge a half of your presumption. While I have no issue with the idea that Paulina Morris is not a “conservative” candidate (she is pro-abortion, pro-tax, etc…) the conversations that I have had with Mr. Parker and the research that I have done regarding his work and legal history do left me with little doubt that he is indeed a conservative candidate.

    Perhaps I missed something here – please be sure to correct me if I have – but your attachment of the term “left of center” to Parker seems to be based on two items.

    1) He was mayor of PV and they have photo radar.
    2) He opened a small business and did business with the government (and that he did register as a minority owned business).

    OK – let’s evaluate these.

    What I found was that as mayor of PV he cut spending dramatically – some sources indicating that budgets decreased as much as 54%. That is a hallmark of a conservative.

    He has been endorsed by Joe Arpaio and Matt Salmon. I remember Salmon – do you? Pretty conservative and principled guy – one who’s voting record is pretty A+ for us conservatives – and a guy who kept his self imposed term limit promise if memory serves.

    I have also “checked references” on Mr. Parker with folks like Len Munsil and other social conservatives who have not flinched at stating that Mr. Parker is a strong advocate for the unborn and the traditional family. That is a pretty healthy “conservative” feather in the cap.

    I have read Parkers plan for the border ( http://www.parker2010.com/files/border_security.pdf ) – it does not equivocate. It demands both a physical and personnel barrier and that the federal government do its job in protecting our national borders. He takes a stronger position here than most.

    As to the SBA issue – I’d suggest that you take some time and look in to the nature of the case. There is a difference between being a “victim” in the sense that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Maryrose Wilcox define the term, and being on the wrong end of a politically motivated attack by a Dem lawmaker. I’ve looked in to this as well – as it is important to me to understand the nature and character of the individual that I have chosen to support. What I found was a witch-hunt. There is a difference between supporting expansive government and operating a business within the framework of existing law. Based on what I have heard from Parker, and the sum of his actions and answers to date I believe firmly that he was and is doing the latter – and will not do the former.

    You stated “When you distill the message down it’s essentially ‘I grew up in a bad neighborhood and didn’t have a lot of money. I’ve survived while others fell prey to drugs, gangs and crime. I, therefore, should be in Congress.’” Interesting that you put it this way – because as I looked in to Mr. Parker I asked a bunch of questions – and this did not come up. Interestingly, while NOT something that he touted – I do believe that his background gives him a radically stronger position from which to argue for ending long term social entitlement programs – something that I have been told he will do, and that I intend to query him about at my next opportunity.

    So now – I’ll ask a question here – why the venom towards Mr. Parker? Have you taken the time to dig in? Again – you’ll get no argument from me regarding Paulina Morris – but she is a very different case. Let me suggest that you do some research, call his campaign, shoot – call him – I’d bet he takes your call. I am no one special, I am not “one of his handlers” – I am just a guy who took the opportunity to speak with candidates after a public forum – and guess what – the next day he took my call and answered my questions without qualification. Candor and facts go a long way with me. I have no reservation about calling Mr. Parker a conservative.

  2. Another Jen said

    Well, I’m disappointed in the news on VP. But I would caution throwing Waring out as the “go-to” conservative. He’s a McCain pick.

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