Arizona Right to Win: Above the Fray

March 22, 2010

For conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and other center/right activists and informed citizens, the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other electronic/new media platforms provide a lot of information from which to choose.  This is very, very good thing.  In the past, our sources for news consisted of a few newspapers, a few TV stations and a few local radio stations that had a focus on politics, government and public affairs.  Most of these media outlets hardly recognize concepts like limited government, free markets and liberty as the foundation of America (or Arizona) so it’s not surprising that conservative points of view usually didn’t get expressed equally or treated respectfully.

Thus, the myriad of Arizona political/governmental/social/issue groups on Facebook, our ability to communicate and share links on Twitter and the increasing number of blogs really are a demonstration of the marketplace at work.  Is there a lot of garbage out there?  Absolutely.  Do many of these vehicles exist almost exclusively to provide a seemingly “legitimate” venue for distribution of propaganda from particular politicians, from clients of particular political consultants, from clients of particular public relations/lobby/law firm?  Absolutely.

But if you poke around a bit, you’ll also find some quality writing, some relevant inside information and some creative, coherent analysis that isn’t as prevalent in the “mainstream media.”  That’s exactly what we intend to provide in “Arizona Right to Win.”

Many of us are involved in a myriad of GOP party organizations, tea party groups, issue advocacy groups or other civic-minded pursuits.  All too often, the good work that we do, and the good work the groups do get obscured by what often are highly tribal, cliquish covens that too often resemble the worst of junior high “Lord of the Flies” social interaction.  “Arizona Right to Win” will strive to remain above that fray.  We will seriously and responsibly confront the issues.

We will focus on issues, and specifically not focus on personalities.  We do not like hypocrisy.  We will call it out.  We do not like dishonesty.  We will point it out.   We will not avoid personalities if those personalities are directly relevant to the issues, hypocrisy or dishonesty.  We will not be a vehicle for unfiltered, inaccurate campaign propaganda.  We will cover the campaigns, however.  We will include fair and reasonable information that is relevant to conservatives.


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